Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday June 29, 2017, Bay Colony RV Park

Yes, I'm still alive but now can see out of both eyes!

To begin to get caught up, we haven't been doing  very much while back at
"home" in Dickinson. We have spent some time with Kim and the boys, friends, Mike and Patrice and talking on the phone with concerned friends that have been nice enough to call to check on me but mostly just staying home and nursing my eye. 

Our good friends Bill and Ornell came down from Port Arthur on Sunday to visit and stay at the park where we are. Stella and I had gone to her sister's house in Blessing for a family dinner that she has about 4 times a year. It was good to see Stella's family again.

We had a very nice visit with Bill and Ornell. On Monday we went to Galveston to look at some RV parks there, the Dellanera RV Park which is on the west beach area near the surf and the Stella Mare RV Resort which is a bit further west and a nicer park in my opinion. The roads and sites are concrete while the Dellanera are on packed sand. The sites are prettier but there is better view of the beach at Dellanera. 

We went for lunch at the Shrimp and More restaurant at 39th and Ave. O. This place is only a few blocks from the house that we lived in for several years when I lived at home with my parents. Driving through the neighborhood brought back many memories. Have any of you gone back to your old neighborhood? Made me nostalgic, remembering friends and relatives and where they lived.

Tuesday we went to Katy to see a trailer at the Ron Hoover dealership. Sadly the one we wanted to see had been sold but we got to see another old friend, Joe French, while we were there. We then paid a visit to Camping World to buy some parts and to look at some more trailers. We got some of the parts we wanted but didn't find a trailer that we liked, so we went to have lunch at a favorite restaurant, Molina's Cantina on Westheimer for some great Mexican food. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first cataract surgery, and the doctor decided to work on the right eye that had been affected  by the palsy. The palsy had been lessening in the last week or so before my surgery, so I was very happy about that. My surgery was scheduled for 8 AM, so we had to be at the unheard of hour of 6. 6 AM! It certainly came early, 6 o'clock! 

They took me back to the prep area and started on putting drops in my eye. I tried to warn the nurses that I hate eye drops and that I would fight them but they assured me that they would win and guess who won? After the second set of drops went in, I decided it wasn't so bad and the rest of them went right in without too much problem. One if the nurses verified my name and date of birth and asked me why I was there. She then initialed my forehead to note which eye was to be operated on and later Dr. Millstein came in and did the same thing, so there would not be a mistake made in the operating room. The anesthetic doctor later came in and verified what was to be done but he didn't mark me. 

When I was finally wheeled into the operating room, a nurse covered me in a warm blanket and then tucked it in under my arms to keep me restrained in the bed. They put some kind of goopy gel on my eye before covering my face with a sheet and some towels, leaving only my right eye uncovered. The doctor came in and the show was on! I remember some cold liquid on my eye and seeing a small tool going in front of my eye but I never felt anything else. I saw a bright white light with a blue ring around it and heard the doctor tell me not to blink and I didn't think I did, but he kept repeating it over and over. I guess I went to sleep because I don't remember the coverings over my eye being removed but before I knew it they were wheeling me out of the O.R. and into a recovery area. Several nurses came by to check on me and then Stella joined me, and in about ten minutes or so I was transferred to a wheelchair and taken out to the truck.

I took a couple of naps while resting on the couch and we returned to the doctor's office at 3 PM for  follow up visit. There was nothing to report and we were sent back home. We went with Bill and Ornell to the Spring Creek Barbecue restaurant in League City for a great barbecue dinner. I think I may have overdone it this afternoon because my double vision returned but I went back home and got a good night's rest and feel fine this morning. This is the first time in several weeks that my eyesight has been normal. 

Thank you God.

So long.