Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday December 25, 2009-Serendipity Bay RV Park

Here are some more pictures from around the park. As you can see, the marina is a busy place.

A sunset photo of some of the boats and the channel from the bay into the marina. I believe there was once a boardwalk or pier into the channel across from the marina. I'll bet there were a lot of fish caught there!

Another pretty sunset shot across the bay.

Christmas Day was very nice. The weather was awesome, cold at night and warm during the day with brilliant blue skies. We had a good time at Henry and Elaine's house with the rest of the family. We had our typical large Christmas meal and everyone was stuffed! The kids played outside all day and had a lot of fun. Man, these kids grow up fast! And big, they're almost as tall as their parents and only 10 years old.
Kim and I made a resolution that she'll quit smoking and I'll stop eating sweets to get my blood sugar down and keep my A1c levels in check. We'll see how this works out.
So long.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday December 24, 2009-Serendipity Bay RV Park

We woke pretty late this morning, having been up a lot overnight because of the howling winds. They rocked the trailer, caused things to go bump in the night, which made me put on clothes and go outside to check on what had hit the trailer. Someones trash can was in the street behind us and the power cord was slapping up against the trailer, causing some of the noise. It was a very worrisome night but we came through without any damage.

I went for a walk down the seawall. It's not the Galveston seawall, but then it doesn't have to protect the city from the Gulf of Mexico, only Palacios Bay. The seawall is about a mile and a half long with a pier and pavilion the reaches out into the bay. I noticed a plack that said that it was first built in 1936 and redone in 1988. The seawall runs from a small marina near this park to the east to the Baptist Encampment that has been here for many years. I went there for three or four years in my late teens when I lived in Galveston. As I recall, the buildings that we stayed in were wooden, two story buildings with no air conditioning, bunk beds with no storage and large open showers. The boys stayed in one building and the girls in another separate building. I don't remember how many buildings there were, but do remember meeting people from all over the state when we were there. I made a lot of friends there.

When I got back home, Stella was cooking for tonight's Christmas party at Jana and Chad's house. She put our gifts into bags and got everything ready. The weather remained cool and very windy all day. I went out late in the evening and took some photos around the park. When I get more taken, I will post them here.

It was good to see the relatives again. We sat around visiting and munching on the goodies that everyone had brought. We always joked about Stella's sister Elaine always being late, but she was there very early and almost an hour earlier than Kim and Jeremy and the boys. When they finally arrived, we had our large gift exchange. We got a nice weather emergency radio, which is one of the things we had asked for. The gifts are really for the kids, and they all loved it! Michael and Lisa's little girl Savannah opened her gifts right in front of me. It was very nice and fun to see a two year old tear into her gifts and the delight on her face as she opened them. This is what Christmas giving is all about.

I don't know how many fireworks were bought, but the kids all had fun going outside in the cold to pop firecrackers and set off rockets. I guess this is just one of the benefits of living out in the country, you can do fireworks to your heart's content and not worry about some city ordinance against them. I remember when I was a kid shooting fireworks and no one got hurt or set someone's house on fire and the fireworks then were much more powerful than those sold today. The roman candles hardly go 8-10 feet and the firecrackers only snap. Nothing like the ones we had.

I'll get off my fireworks soapbox now to wish everyone a


So long.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday December 23, 2009-Serendipity Bay RV Park

Today was a pretty nasty day all day long with rain showers off and on all day. The weather was still pretty warm, but the sometimes-heavy showers made it difficult to get anything much done outside.

I stayed inside most of the day today but did go out and meet another Heartland owner, John and his wife CC. They are from Michigan and have their home there. John is an avid duck hunter and carves decoys. His website, Jacducks Decoys is very interesting and shows some of his work. He showed me some decoys and they are very pretty. The details are amazing on these "birds" along with the paint. He has some very large sandhill cranes that he leaves out as decorations around his rig.

They have a Bighorn model 3385RL which is a model that we looked at when we bought our present trailer. It has a living room with exactly the same layout as our first Bighorn 3055, but has some differences that we didn't care for. It is a nice trailer and John said they love it.

The best news is that we have a buyer for our house. A man came down a couple of weeks ago and got Jeremy to let him in to look at the house and he made us an offer which we have accepted. It is less than we wanted, but with the economy like it is, we'll take it! We're still working out the details of the payment. HOORAY!!
This is such a relief, and it will be nice to be officially homeless. Now we can go where we want to without having to worry about the house, not to mention the expenses there.

So long.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday December 22, 2009-Serendipity Bay RV park

Here we are in Palacios. We have stayed at the Serendipity Bay RV park several times in the past, both alone, with friends and with the Boomers. We have always had fun here and have had some memorable times. It is only about 12 miles to Blessing where Stella's family lives.
We are in one of the newer pull through sites with the marina behind us. I don't know exactly how many boats are stored there, but there's a lot. They don't seem to have suffered any long lasting damage from hurricane Ike.

Here is a better shot of the marina. As you can see, there are few open slips, and of course, the two in the foreground could be boats that are out in the bay fishing or simply riding around enjoying the warm weather.
Both Stella and I are feeling kind of poorly today. I hope it is only a cold for both of us. We are both taking a new medication called Airborne. At least it makes us feel better. I took Stella over to her niece's hair care shop where she works to get a hair cut. After getting her hair done, we went to Bay City to do our last minute shopping done. After getting that done, we returned home and hung out here for the rest of the day.
Later in the afternoon, we both were very hungry and went to eat at the Outrigger restaurant here in Palacios but learned that they are only open for lunch until the weekend, when they are open for supper. We went to the Baytown Seafood, where the food was very good.
I watched my television show and went to bed under a huge pile of blankets to try to sweat out my illness. Hope it works...
So long.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday December 21, 2009-Moving day to Blessing

I woke this morning and went down to have coffee with the guys for the last time this season. We will not be back here until April for the Heartland rally and by then, most of them will be gone. We had 11 down for coffee this morning, and ran out of coffee before everyone left. There were a lot of handshakes before I left.

I came back home and ate breakfast. I had been reading a book and wanted to get it finished, so I sat in my chair while eating and read. I had already turned my computer off and Stella had lashed the television down for travel, so soon after I finished my breakfast I got up and went outside and went back to work. I worked steadily, speaking to my friends as they walked by. There was a committee meeting this morning at 10 o'clock so I went down there and turned in my sign which got a few chuckles and told everyone on the committee goodbye. Then I went over to the office and turned my keys in to Crystal and had a chat with Gwen. We talked about the upcoming year and my plans but best of all, we talked about us coming back in the fall. I went ahead and booked a rally for Heartland here at Rayford for October 15-17th to get our name on some sites.

I came on home and we finished up getting loaded up and got ready to go. Several other friends came by and after many handshakes and hugs we pulled out. We made good time around Houston and hit hwy. 288. We stopped at the Buckee's store in Angleton and transferred some fuel and got a sandwich and coffee for lunch. We pulled into Blessing about 2:30 and found the park. This is a very small park with a few long-term guests. I knew the sites were very hard to get into because they are straight-in concrete runners with a small patio. They were even harder to get into with the longer trailer, so after getting aggravated I went to one of the pull through sites. I learned that the pull through was not designed or laid out for a long trailer, so after scratching the side of the trailer from low hanging branches, we decided to go down to the park in Palacios.

We pulled into the Serendipity Bay RV Park and got a space there for the next five days. We learned that with our Good Sam discount it would be cheaper than to take the weekly rate because they don't give the discount for the weekly rate. We have found that many parks give a better weekly rate and it works out to be cheaper to get that rate and leave early but not this time.

We were tired after the trip and setting up, so we went to the Dairy Queen for supper. When we got back home, I programmed the television-which I have never had to do before with this new television-and we watched TV for the rest of the evening. Although we paid for the cable, the reception here sucks. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so we'll probably just stay around here all day.

So long.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday December 20, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today was a pretty laid back day for us. No coffee this morning since its Sunday, so Stella and I had our coffee and breakfast at home. I watched my car shows on television this morning and then watched the Houston Texans eke out a win over the St. Louis Rams by a score of 16-13. This should have been a cakewalk for the Texans, who are still in the playoff hunt, but their performance today didn't give too much hope of the playoffs being near the grasp of this team.

After the game ended, I worked on getting some of the outside items put away in preparation for leaving tomorrow. I got a good amount done today but kept getting interrupted by my friends coming by to see what I was doing. The weather was great all day long, so it was good to be outside. About three o'clock, Jean and Reta came by to invite us to go eat with a large group of our friends who wanted to spend some more time with us before we left. After changing the location a couple of times, we ended up going to the El Palenque, one of our favorite mexican restaurants.

We had a good turn out with many of our winter Texan friends with us tonight. Some of our new friends, Jim and Jenna rode to the restaurant with us. It was very humbling to have this many of our friends with us and we all had a great time. It made it harder to leave, but we have made our plans to go to Blessing to spend Christmas with Stella's family there and New Year with Bill and Ornell, Ricky and Dee and Harry and Judy. It will be our first time to miss the New Year celebration at Rayford since the park opened but we'll have a good time with our friends.

We have made many good friends at Rayford and look forward to next year when we will spend even more time with them. We don't plan to return to Rayford until April when we will host another Heartland rally there. Most of our Winter Texan friends will be gone by them but we plan to stay in touch.

So long.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday December 19, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today, being Saturday, was breakfast in the park day. When I got to the Lone Star room, I found that someone had already made the coffee and it was almost done when I got there. I looked around but didn't see anyone else, so I guess the coffee fairy made it. I had already heard that yesterday, when I was not here for coffee, they had 14 for coffee,and that they had fought for my seat at the table. We had another large group, so we drank most of the coffee. There wasn't much left for the breakfast crowd, but Frank had made a full pot on his side.

We went over to Lakeview RV Park to visit Tom and Judy and Bill and Ornell, who had come over for Bill's treatment at the hospital. When we got there, we learned that David and Susan Gondren had come over to visit with Jim and Sheila, but they left the park so we didn't get to see them. David and Susan had just gotten their new Bighorn 3055 trailer. Heartland had given them the new one after they had many problems with their old trailer. The new rig looks really nice with the new graphics, slam baggage doors and touchpad lock for the front door. We didn't get to see the inside, but I don't think they have made that many changes.

While visiting, Bill told me that he had seen a few Dodge trucks for sale not far from the park. Bill, Tom and I drove over to the car lot where they were. They had a couple of trucks out near the street but I wasn't interested in either one. Then we found a 2008 four door truck that looked pretty good. I drove the truck and it drove and performed very well. I was very impressed with the power and performance of the truck and the handling was much better than my '02. I really liked the exhaust brake. When we go back to the mountains, that feature would really come in handy. I sped the truck up to 85 mph and slowed it to 30 without touching the brake pedal.

We returned to the lot and I spoke with one of the people in the office about the price of the truck. When we got there, another customer was there complaining that he couldn't get any satisfaction from the company. He said that he had bought a car from them and then learned that it had been in a flood. He said that they had promised to refund his money, but he had been unable to get in touch with the manager and had continuously gotten a runaround. I then met a man who said he was the manager. When I asked for a cash price, he told me that they are primarily a finance company and don't have a cash price on anything. I didn't understand that concept, but he quoted me a very good price on financing the truck. It was so low, it made me very suspicious. When we came back home I checked on the place and found a couple of online complaints about this place and one that said they are the type of finance company that sells at a low price, then if you are an hour late on the payment, send out the repo-man to pick up the truck and resell it. Based upon the other customer and these complaints, I think that this is not the sort of place I want to deal with, no matter what the price is.

When we got back home, I had time to take a short nap, but decided to catch up on some email that had accumulated over the last couple of days before we left for the Texas Opry in Magnolia. We went with 18 other couples of winter Texans from the park, and when we got there, Ted and Donna and Rick and Brenda also showed up. We knew that they had made plans some time ago to go to the Opry, but we were supposed to have left last week and didn't think we would be here, so we were glad to see them. We all sat in a reserved area, but Ted and Donna and Rick and Brenda sat right behind us. The Christmas performance was very nice and we are glad we were able to go. Carl had set this whole thing up, and we are thankful to him for finding us some seats.

Jerry and Diane rode with us tonight. It is our first time to spend time with them. They are a very nice couple from Canada who come to the park to stay. We had a very nice time with them. We were out until past 11 o'clock, which is the latest we've been out in a long time. I was proud that I was able to stay awake that late.....

So long.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday December 18, 2009-Kim's house-Texas City

Jeremy, Stella and Kim went to the Clear Lake hospital early this morning to prepare Kim for some out patient surgery. I stayed at their house and took the boys to school before going to the hospital. On my way to the hospital, I stopped off at a Valero station in League City where I bought fuel for the first time since we came back to town in October. I took 126.2 gallons to go 2172.6 miles for a 17.2 MPG average.

After staying in the room with her until she was taken upstairs, Jeremy went home because he didn't feel well. Stella and I stayed at the hospital where we read books in the waiting area until she was brought out and taken back downstairs to her room. We stayed there with her until she was released and we took her home. I went to the daycare and picked the boys up and brought them home. We left soon after making another stop or two, we returned to the park to attend the Christmas party.

Stella called in a to-go order of pasta from the Pizza Hut to take to the party tonight. While Stella wrapped our gifts, I went to pick up the food, which was not ready when I got there. Stella had given them the time that we would pick up the food, but somehow it had been forgotten. The manager gave me a good discount and I left to go back home to get ready for the party. We sat with some of our winter Texan friends and had a very good potluck meal (when have you ever gotten a bad potluck meal?). We had a fun gift exchange and I think I got most of the gifts at one time or another, but someone stole them from me, so at the end of the evening, Stella got some liqueur and I got a gift certificate from the park. We had a lot of fun, as we always do, and came home, tired from our two days away from the park.

Our time at Rayford is coming to a close and we will leave here on Monday. We have many friends here and we hate to leave, but time marches on.

So long.

Thursday December 17, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today we were to go down to Texas City for Cameron's birthday and to watch Tyler's first band concert. Before I went down for coffee, I sent a message to Kristine Schaffner, my former Fire Marshal in Manvel, in Facebook, to see if we could meet for lunch today. As soon as I got back to the trailer, I found that she had responded to me and we made a date to meet at Kelly's in Alvin. I knew that Mike Jaimes, my former Code Enforcement/Animal Control officer in Manvel had been fired, but didn't know where he was working now. She told me that he would meet us there, so I assumed that he was either not working or was working with her in Alvin. When we all arrived at the restaurant, I learned that Mike is not working yet, but is volunteering in Alvin and being paid for only a few hours a week. He is making valuable contacts in Alvin, so I am sure that when an opening comes up, he will go to work.

Mike and Kristine told me that I had left Manvel just at the right time. The administration there seems to have lost their grasp of reality. There are many instances of violations of employee's rights and violations of city policy.

After finishing lunch, we went to our house and picked up the mail and checked the house while we were there. We ran some other errands before we went on to Texas City to pick up Tyler and Cameron at day care. We took them home and before long, it was time for Tyler to leave for his band concert. We brought Cam with us to the concert which was held at one of the new Junior high schools. The parking was terrible, and we ended up parking on a sidewalk with one wheel on the sidewalk and the other in the street. It turned out that there were five school bands performing tonight with Tyler's band being one of them. With that many students and their families there, it was very crowded in the gym where the concert was held. Luckily Kim and Jeremy had gotten there early enough that we got very good seats. Also luckily, Tyler's band was the first to perform. The "performance" was them playing a set of warm-up notes and only one song. The band performed very well and of course, we were very proud of Tyler, but the entire event was poorly run and should have been held in a much larger room.

After leaving the school, we took Cameron out to eat for his birthday. He decided on IHOP for his meal. We all enjoyed our supper with him, and Jeremy arranged for him to get an ice cream sundae for his birthday. From there, we went back to their house where Cam opened his gifts. It was still a school night, so the boys soon went to bed in Tyler's room, allowing me to sleep in Cameron's bed. I didn't sleep well at all, and got up around 4 AM. Stella and Kim had not slept either, so they went to bed to try to get some rest before going to the hospital.

The procedure that Kim is having is relatively minor surgery and will be handled in the day surgery area of the Clear Lake Hospital in Webster. I will give you the details on how she came through in tomorrow's entry.

So long.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday December 16, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today's post will catch me up for the last week because I was too busy (lazy) to keep it up to date. I guess entertaining the friends we had last week kept me too busy to sit down and write something.

Tommy and Susan were here all week, Ricky brought the trailer up on Thursday, and Harry and Judy arrived on Friday along with the Texas Boomers for the Christmas rally. It was good to see all of our friends here and of course there were several in the Boomers that we don't see very often any more.

We had decided to have a fish and oyster fry on Friday night with Harry and Judy, Ricky and Dee and Tommy and Susan. Harry stopped at Hillman's Seafood where he bought a gallon of fresh oysters, so we had them, some of the rainbow trout that had been caught in Colorado. Tommy had bought some fresh potatoes which he cut up and fried. Tommy was very proud of his new french-fried potato cutter that he had just gotten as a gift. It really happy with it because he just stuck a peeled potato into the gadget and with the push of a handle, he had perfect fries, ready to go into the hot oil.

We had a great meal with our good friends with a nice campfire after our meal. The Boomers had a spaghetti supper that we didn't go to because the last time they had one, they had run out of food. No one had brought sauce or meatballs, so we had decided some time ago to just do our own thing with oysters and fish. I heard that they had plenty of food at the dinner this year. Don Allen had a large campfire (campfar, as he calls it), so we all had someplace to go to hang out with friends in the cool air.

The weather didn't cooperate with us this weekend. It was cold, cloudy and rainy all weekend but I think everyone had a good time anyway. The Boomers had a big potluck breakfast on Saturday morning. I got up and made coffee in the Lone Star room for the guys as usual. Frank tried to keep me from putting some tables together for the coffee drinkers, because of his pancake breakfast this morning, but I told him that we would be through before the breakfast crowd arrived. It all worked out just fine and everyone got plenty to eat.

Two of the Boomers, Jim and Judy, had just gotten married. They decorated their motorhome up for the holidays and later were announced to have been chosen as the winners of the rig decorating contest. There were a lot of pretty lights put up all over the park. Donna went all-out in her decorations. She had one tiny flamingo that she hung in the tree at their site but sadly, her work was not enough to win a prize this year.

The All-Y'alls (winter Texans) had been scheduled to have a mexican dinner/margarita get together in the afternoon, but the weather caused it to be cancelled and rescheduled for Monday.

Saturday night was the big party of the weekend for the Boomers. We had a huge potluck dinner and a gift exchange that everyone enjoyed. We went back down to Harry and Judy's site for another campfire and the Boomers went to Don's again. It wasn't that we were avoiding the Boomers, it was just that we had bought some firewood and could sit closer to the fire than we could have at Don's. It was cold again and began to rain later in the evening. I guess no one told Mother Nature about the party this weekend.

We woke Sunday morning to cool temperatures and cloudy skies. It was very damp from the rains overnight but Sandy-Madame Boomer-had fixed a big pot of coffee and had gotten some pastries and invited everyone to come by to say goodbye and have something to eat and drink before leaving. Even though I wasn't leaving, I stopped by and had some coffee. I had startled Sandy on Friday when I took off my cap and showed her my now-bald head. She, of course, thought something else, and was shocked to see my head but I told her of the reason for my baldness so she understood.

Harry and Judy were not supposed to leave today, so Ricky and Dee and Tommy and Susan decided to stay too. There was the afternoon mexican food/margarita party here in the park, so everyone was looking forward to it. It was still cloudy and cold, so the heaters and firepits were very popular this afternoon. Our friend Ed came down for awhile, but Sharon was still sick and didn't make it. Tommy and Susan had decided to go on home this afternoon, so they came down for the party for a little while, but soon pulled out and went on home. We were all sad to see them go but they said they wanted to get on back home. I went over to Ricky's to watch the football game and came home at the half. At least it wasn't raining when I walked home!

Monday morning I got up for coffee and then went to see Harry and Ricky as they got ready to leave. I told Dee that I would help Ricky to park their trailer at the storage lot. I drove over there so he wouldn't have to bring me all the way back to the park. This afternoon was the park's Margarita Monday get together. We made up a snack and went to it about 3 o'clock. We had fun with our friends here in the park.

Tuesday I took Stella down to Texas City for a doctor's appointment. This catches both of us up for our medications for the near future. We are planning to go to Mexico in February so I wanted the doctor to recommend any other medications that we can buy down there when Stella had her appointment. We returned to the park in time for me to see my one television show, NCIS.

Wednesday I learned that most of the other winter Texans had gone to Cheddar's Restaurant to meet Michelle who used to work here at the park but since we were out of town for the day we missed it. We're sorry we didn't get to tell her goodbye.

If you believe in reincarnation, you should try to come back as an RV'ers dog. I can't think of a better way to spend your life than sleeping all the time until your master takes you out to do your "business" and to get a little exercise. You have all the food you want and get an occasional treat when they eat.

This catches me up but I'll try to keep it up better.

So long.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tuesday December 8, 2009-Rayford Crossing

I slept in my chair a little later this morning and went down for coffee, secure that Jim had come down to put the coffee on. He had, so everything was fine this morning for the coffee drinkers. We all enjoyed our coffee time together, as always.

There was a pretty good sized rally in the park, the Lone Star Sams club, that included our friends Leo and Shirley. When they came in, I went over and talked to them because we haven't seen them in a long time. They are not full timers, but do go on extended trips from time to time. We talked about some of our travels and told stories of our adventures. It was good to see them again. They are staying in the park after the LSS rally ends for the Texas Boomer rally.

We just hung out in the park all day long and didn't do too much more all day. It was a nice quiet day here.

So long.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Monday December 7, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Today is our anniversary so I let Stella sleep. I went down and had coffee with the guys and tried to stay away long enough for her to get a good morning's sleep. Tommy stopped by at the rally hall and brought us some croissants and kolaches, which hit the spot with the guys. When I got home, Stella had already started fixing us some breakfast, so I ate a small breakfast here too.

We had already celebrated our anniversary with Tommy and Susan, we didn't do too much more today. Stella stayed here and worked some and I hung out with her. We agreed several years ago not to exchange gifts for our birthdays and anniversaries, so even though this was anniversary number 30, we didn't do anything special. We decided that since we could just buy whatever we wanted, so there was no reason to do anything else. We did get a lot of happy anniversary messages on my Facebook page, which was nice of everyone. I learned that we have several friends that have been married much longer than we have. Our friends Ted and Donna have been married for 44 years but Dwight and JoAnne have been married for 53 years! And I thought I'd been married to one old woman for a long time.....

So long.

Sunday December 6, 2009-Rayford Crossing

Since today is Sunday, there is no coffee this morning in the rally hall. Stella and I went down in the rain to Tommy and Susan's for coffee but I didn't stay very long because my TV shows come on Sunday morning and I wanted to catch up on them. We stayed inside, dry and warm, watching football on television.

Susan called Stella and asked her to go shopping with her. They went to a couple of stores and to Wal Mart and did really well. They both bought the gifts for the upcoming Boomer Christmas party next weekend. After they came back, we sat around and later decided to go eat at one of my favorite places, James Coney Island. They advertise $.99 coneys on Sunday night, but when we got there, we were told that they don't have that special any more. We all had our hot dog meal, and enjoyed it a lot. I did get signed up on their email specials offer, so we can get a discount that is actually offered at the time.

It started raining again as soon as we got back home, so I went to bed pretty early and read a book.

So long.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday December 5, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We didn't have too many at coffee this morning because most of the guys didn't know about it I guess. One new guy, our friend Ed, came down and Jerry didn't have to work this morning, so he came down too.

Today was the park-sponsored brunch. The park served Mimosas and Bloody Marys and the individuals coming to the meal brought a potluck breakfast. It was good but I learned that I don't really care for Mimosas. I guess it's the champagne bubbles that I don't like. We had a nice visit with Jim and his wife Janet who were neighbors of Pete and Jean. Jim had a kidney transplant but seems to be fully recovered.

Today turned out to be a great day weatherwise. It stayed pretty cool all day long but there was a bright sun shining. As long as you stayed in the sun, it wasn't bad at all to be outside. I went for a walk in the morning but we stayed in most of the day.

We went to Saltgrass Steakhouse with Tommy and Susan for supper. We went pretty early to avoid the weekend crowd and had a very nice meal. We stopped off at HEB to buy some Blue Bell ice cream and some ice before we returned to the park and Tommy dropped us off about four spaces from our site. We all had a chuckle over this because we had just told him to go to his motorhome because we needed to walk after eating. He said no, he would drop us off at our trailer, but then stopped too soon, so we had to walk anyway. We didn't have to walk far, but it was funny at the time.

Tommy invited us over for some Pina Coladas using the homemade vanilla ice cream. Wow, were they good! He used a Pina Colada mix that he ordered off the Internet and they were GREAT!!! We stayed over at their motorhome until about 8:30 and let me tell you, it didn't take me long to go to sleep after Tommy's great dessert. We're glad they're back at Rayford. Wouldn't it be nice if they sold their house and stayed up here? Susan works right across the freeway, so her drive would only take fifteen minutes or so, she could come home for lunch and the savings on gas and maintenance would pay a lot of the cost of the park. We'll work on that...

So long.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday December 4, 2009-Rayford Crossing

It started snowing here at the park about 10 o'clock but it was pretty light. It really started snowing hard right after noon and lasted about two hours. Not much of it stuck in the grass but some did for awhile on the trucks and tables around the park.

A snowflake hit the lens just as I took this picture.

My Texas sign was laying on the table next to the trailer and you can see the snow on it.

Don't slip on the stairs into the trailer! There was a pretty good accumulation of snow on the carpeted runners on the steps.

We woke this morning to the news of snow that was coming to Houston. This was the earliest reported snowfall on record in the city. Although it didn't last long, it was fun while it lasted. I am constantly reminded from the folks around me that are from the north and east of Texas (snowbirds) that anything less than 6" of snow is not considered a snowfall and would not cause any problems for them at all. Houston area schools closed early, cancelled classes for the evening and many employees were sent home or advised not to come in due to the weather. Texans don't know how to drive on snowy or icy roads, so it is probably best that this happened.
Today Tommy and Susan celebrated their anniversary and since we will have ours in a couple of days, we went out to eat. Susan was tired from staying up late last night setting up the motorhome, so she wanted something quick to eat. We decided to go to Sweet Bella's restaurant near here. They serve good and inexpensive Italian food, so we went there again. As usual, it was good and we all enjoyed our meal. By the time we came home, the temperature was below freezing, so we went inside right away. We later met Tommy at the Lone Star room where Stella and I played bingo. The games were rigged again (LOL) and we didn't win. We had a good time anyway and after having a snack, walked back home in the very cold temperature.
We left the water dripping in the kitchen to keep the water line from freezing and had no troubles during the night. I guess I shouldn't have had the coffee to drink because I didn't go to sleep until after 11, but I slept very well.
So long.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday December 3, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We had still another good turnout for coffee this morning, even though a couple of the regulars didn't show up. One new park resident came down to join us and we had even more to talk about. Jim and I left a little early because Jake had called last night to tell me the truck was ready. When I got home he called back to tell me that he had found another small fuel leak which he worked on this morning.

We picked up Reta and Stella and left to go get breakfast at Compadres restaurant on Hannah, on the way to Jake's. After a good, cheap breakfast we went to get the truck. Jake met me at the truck and told me that there is no way to predict when one of the other injectors will go out. Someone on one of the RV forums had suggested just replacing all the injectors when one went out, but I guess they don't know how expensive those injectors are ($400 each). We paid Jake for the work and left and let me tell you, it sure is nice to get my truck back!

We stopped off at the grocery store, since we haven't bought groceries in a week or so. We spent a lot of money, but we have plenty to eat now. We stayed inside most of the afternoon because it was still chilly out. I went for a walk with Warren and Carl later and had a nice visit with them.

Our neighbor, Pete, was outside putting fresh water in his holding tank in preparation for tomorrow's predicted snow and cold weather. I'm not doing that because I don't think the temperature is going to be that cold long enough to freeze my water line. My underbelly is insulated and heated, and I can leave a water drip tonight, so we'll be fine. We were snowed on last December in Boerne and again here at Rayford and I remember having temperatures in the low 20's and nothing froze up. I have some water in the tank, plenty to flush the toilet if it becomes necessary. Time will tell if I'm correct.

Stella fixed us a pizza made using crescent rolls for the crust that was very tasty tonight. She just guessed at some of the ingredients and will make some adjustments on the next one she makes, but it was good and we'll have it again. We watched some television for the rest of the night.

So long.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday December 2, 2009-Rayford Crossing

We had another full house for coffee again this morning. We should have had more but picked up some new guests at the park. We are all interested in how long Melissa will be able to work and when she will have her baby girl. There was a lot of speculation about it but she has a doctor's appointment later this morning so we should know soon.

Without a truck, we couldn't leave the park today. Jim had told me that if went anywhere today he would take me along, but he didn't come by. I walked around the park a lot today, getting some exercise and visiting with friends here. It was very cold outside all day, so there weren't many people out to visit with. While on one of my walks, a man stopped me and asked if I could use a sewer hose complete with fittings and a plastic hose cradle. He said that he had lived at Rayford last year and that he and his wife had moved back into a house. He said that she would not come back to the park with him again, so he was getting rid of some of his accessories. Of course I took the two items that he had and took them to the house and left them on the table for someone else to take. I don't need these because mine is brand new and I don't want to store it. Jim was the first person to ask about them and said he could use them, so I gave them to him.

Since the weather was so yucky, we stayed in and surfed the net (me) and watched television (Stella) all day. We ate leftover chili for supper. Everything on regular television was delayed due to the president's speech. I'm not going into a rant on the idiot in the White House and let it go at that. I am very worried about where the United States is going at this time.

So long.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday December 1, 2009-Rayford Crossing

When I woke this morning, our neighbors Pete and Jean were about ready to pull out. They had a breakdown on their way into the park a week or so ago and had damaged the suspension on their trailer. Their insurance company picked up the tab for the repair and the local repair shop-Milstead Automotive-got the bid to do the work. That is nice for them because it is about as close to the park as they could have gotten.

They had made most of their preparations yesterday afternoon, so this morning all they had to do was close up one of the slides and pull out. Of course, they didn't have to pack up anything, just disconnect it and leave it on the ground.

Pete had loaned me some black streak remover so I used it to remove some stains on the front sides of the trailer. It works really well, and only requires rubbing it on with little scrubbing. I figured that when it started to rain it would wash it off if I missed a spot.

The weather was yucky today, rainy and cloudy. It looked like it was going to rain all day long but didn't actually start to rain until late in the afternoon, just when I had to walk down to get the clothes after Stella finished washing them. It sucks not to have a vehicle to carry the heavy clothes all the way to the laundry. It brings back memories of walking to school, uphill both ways, in the rain and snow of Galveston.

This was about the only constructive thing we got done today. I did get a call from Jake my mechanic, who told me that as I had feared, one of the injectors was leaking. I have read on some of the truck forums on the Internet about this problem and as far as I can tell, there is nothing that can be done to correct this except replace all the injectors. I would save on the labor charge because it would only have to be done once, but the injectors are over $400 each so it would be very expensive.

At least it's not snowing here, yet. Its cold here and I read that it is snowing in Dallas and west Texas and we're forecast to possibly have snow on Thursday night or Friday. If it does snow then it will be the earliest date that there has been snow in Houston. We'll see.

So long.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday November 30, 2009-Rayford Crossing

The start of another week.....
I began this morning with the usual coffee in the rally hall. One of our guys, Mac Willoughby had just returned from a bus trip to Branson Mo. for Thanksgiving. He said it was an enjoyable trip but their hotel on the way up in Little Rock was not up to par. He said he complained to the hotel manager and also to the bus company when they returned, and was told that he was not the only one that complained, so they would not be staying at that hotel again. It only reinforces my love for traveling in my trailer, sleeping in my own bed and eating my own food.

I got Jim to follow me over to Jake's Automotive. You may remember that I took it there for some repairs to be made when we returned from our trip to Colorado. He had found the fuel return lines were leaking and had repaired them. The truck has started doing exactly the same thing as before, so I had called Jake and brought it in this morning. It will be interesting to see what his diagnosis is.

After returning, I went for a walk around the park. It has turned off much colder than the past few days and rained all night long, but after the rain stopped I went for a walk. While walking through the park, I noticed a couple of trailers that needed attention. One had a bad water leak at the fresh water intake but coming out from the underside of the trailer. I had noticed this leak yesterday and had knocked on the door to tell them about the leak, but was told that they only needed to replace a gasket. When it was still leaking I decided to report it to the park. We don't have to pay for our water but I don't want someone to waste a lot of water and make all of us have to pay. I had also been told that there was a fifth wheel that had a bad waste water hose with holes in it. I found Gwen escorting a rig into a site and told her about the problems and gave her the site numbers. I don't know what she did about them but when I walked around later in the day, the water leak had stopped.

While walking through the park later in the afternoon, I talked to a couple of Deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff's office. They were out to check on some complaints about gunfire in the woods behind the park on four wheelers. They said that they could not get a patrol car down into the woods as the complaints come in, but they were trying to verify that something was going on and to check for any damage. I didn't follow up when they came out of the woods to see what they had found.

Our neighbors, Pete and Jean are taking their trailer in tomorrow for some undercarriage work to be done, so today they are putting everything away in preparation. Late in the afternoon, Pete gave me some liquid black streak remover which I used on the front and sides of my trailer. I only did what I could reach from the ground and will continue tomorrow to get the streaks washed off.

I came inside and ate the chili that Stella had made. It certainly hit the spot in the cold weather. We stayed in for the rest of the night except for taking Cassie out. Stella said she heard more gunshots during the night but not while she was walking Cassie.

So long.