Saturday, March 28, 2015

Friday March 27, 2015-Coffee Creek RV Park

It was another cool morning here but it warmed up soon. Tom and Marti invited us to go over to Mineral Wells to visit the Crazy Water store there where they sell three varieties of the mineral water that gives the city it's name. We sampled all three but decided that we could live without it and didn't buy anything.

We then traveled over to Palo Pinto, the county seat of Palo Pinto county and the home of the Old Jail Museum. This consists of the old jail, some outdoor cells and several buildings including houses, barns and a blacksmith shop. I wish I had my camera with me and perhaps I'll get a chance to go back before we leave. 

We went back to Weatherford and found the Pulido's Mexican restaurant for lupper (lunch/supper) and we enjoyed a very nice meal. I don't know if we were just hungry for Mexican but the food was very good. Because of the time that we ate, the place was almost empty, so the service was good. I'll keep that in mind for the future. 

We came back to the park and hung out until our scheduled ice cream social meet and greet, and of course, it was very popular and the ice cream excellent. Who doesn't love Blue Bell? We sat around chatting with our friends until some domino games broke out. Some chose not to play and others decided to go home to spend time with their animals, who were feeling neglected. 

There was a guy in the park that was flying his drone helicopter around. It was lit up with red and green lights and he was doing tricks with it and flying it very high above the park. It was pretty cool to watch.

So long.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Thursday March 26, 2015-Coffee Creek RV Park

And the rains came... We had quite a storm last night with heavy rain, thunder and gusty winds. The ground in the park is already saturated, so this latest rain has left lakes in many sites. 

It was chilly this morning, so it's back to jeans and jackets, at least for today. Typically Texas. 

I have been following 2-L Custom Trucks for a long time and have talked to the owner, Wayland Long several times on the telephone. Wayland is a very personable guy and will answer any questions that you may have about his products. His shop is only about 30 miles from here, so we decided to go over to look at his operations. I had tried to set up a visit last year when we came to this park for the spring rally but Wayland had to close down his shop because there was a Ford prototype at his shop that had to be kept under wraps. 

Wayland is quite a character and we enjoyed talking to him about politics, the government and conditions in the country before taking a tour of his shop. He specializes in big trucks for towing trailers of all types, RV's, horse trailers and equipment. Everything from semi tractors that are converted and modified for private use to pickup trucks to haul an RV. His use of leather and other materials for the interiors of his trucks is outstanding and obviously high quality.

We were able to look at some new trucks that were waiting to be shipped/delivered, some under construction and a couple of new tow beds that are prepared for paint. We were very impressed but I don't think we're able to buy one from him.

After leaving 2-L we traveled back to Weatherford to find the second existing Gibson's store. We went to the other store in Kerrville, so we can say we've been to all their stores. This store is much smaller but we found a few items to buy. Tom had found some cheap diesel at a Shell station the other day when we came over here, so we returned today to get some in my truck. Of course, the prices have risen but it was still a pretty good deal and I partially filled the tank. We can easily make it to our next stop and beyond.

We came back home to get ready to go out to eat at the Brazos River Cafe for their delicious catfish. We have eaten here in the past and have enjoyed it. Chapter Leader Nancy had called ahead and made reservations for our group so everything went off without a hitch. It certainly does help to be prepared!

After supper we returned to the park and several of us went to the rally hall for some dominoes. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed ourselves. More to come as the rally kicks off!

So long.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wednesday March 25, 2015-Coffee Creek RV Park

Remember yesterday, when I fell out of the trailer? Well, I sure paid for that mistake this morning! My sprained left leg made it difficult to walk around the trailer and the aches and pains just added to that, but I took some medications and recovered enough to go outside and stretch my legs by walking around the park to loosen up. I was soon feeling much better, thank goodness.

Later in the morning, Tom and Marti took Stella and I over to the David's Stove Shop in Weatherford. This is a very interesting store with everything from antiques to collectibles to brand new items. We have been here several times before and we still saw many new items or at least, items that we haven't seen before. They also have a small deli that serves delicious soups and sandwiches, so we all ate lunch and enjoyed ourselves.

While shopping, we ran into fellow rally-goers Pat and Elaine and their friends Fred and Nancy who were also looking around. We are looking forward to spend more time with Pat and Elaine on our upcoming trip to Goshen.

We came on back to the park but ran into a huge traffic backup on the highway. We took a detour around it and found some cheap fuel that Tom took advantage of. We also scouted out the Discount Tire location so we can take the trailer in on Monday to have the tire looked at. 

We just hung out in the park for the rest of the afternoon. The weather is great but they're predicting some rain late in the afternoon and over night when a front comes through. We'll see how that works. More rally attendees will arrive tomorrow and the rally will kick off soon.

So long.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tuesday March 24, 2015-Moving Day-K.E. Bushman Camp to Coffee Creek RV Park

Will winter never end! We woke to cold temps (58) but the skies were clear and the temps soon rose. I knew it was cool outside but wanted to wear shorts, and it worked out well. By arrival time the temps were in the 80's.

Today started off all wrong for me. I went outside to see who was out and about to drink some coffee before getting started on packing up. As I walked down the steps on the trailer, my new bifocal eyeglasses played a trick on me and I missed the bottom step. Down I went, but at least it was in the soft grass. I wasn't hurt, or at least I wasn't hurt at the time. I later found that I had sprained the muscle in my left thigh and had numerous bruises and was very stiff and sore the next morning. The biggest bruise was to my ego but that will go away eventually. Please don't tell anyone how clumsy I am.

The next bad luck came as we stopped at a rest stop on I-20. Edward and Susan were following us and while stopped, Edward noticed a nail or probably a brad in the left rear tire on the trailer. There was no air leaking so we decided to go to a truck stop with a tire shop to get it checked. We soon found a Love's store that advertised a tire repair shop but when we got there, they didn't have one after all. We pushed on to a Flying J that did have a shop but they only worked on big truck and trailer tires. Darn. There was another tire shop on the feeder road but they too only work on large tires. Another darn. Since we had driven over 70 miles after discovering the nail, we decided to go on to the park.We made it without any more incidents, but not so for Edward and Susan. They had stopped at a Blue Beacon truck wash at the Love's station for a truck and trailer wash as we have done many times in the past, and while being washed, one of the back windows of their trailer shattered. Wow, not a good day for the home team!

After arrival and set up, we began to relax with our friends that were already here. The weather was nice and we sat around visiting but I soon went in and sat down on the couch and was soon fast asleep. Of course when I woke I was stiff and sore from my fall this morning. I was rested but hurting. I'll take some aspirin tonight and should be all better in the morning. We'll see!

So long.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday March 23, 2015-Moving Day-Red Shoes Casino RV Park to K.E. Bushman Camp, Bullard TX

We were up pretty early to get started in the move-out procedures. It was cloudy and chilly, but the weather is supposed to warm up later in the day. I wore my shorts, believing in the weather reports and thank goodness it worked out. Actually I stayed warm by working steadily.

We've had a great time here in Louisiana and feel pretty certain that we'll return here sometime. If you are a long time reader, you might remember that we came to this casino on a bus trip from Rayford Crossing in 2009. It was a much cheaper trip and we still didn't win any money. I think the machines are rigged!

We pulled out about 9:30 or right on time. There are four trailers making the trip to Bullard. We all pulled out together but it didn't take long for us to become separated. That's all right because we all know the way we're going and the final destination today, so it all worked out. 

We pulled in here in Bullard about 2:30, making good time. We had made one stop to allow the others to catch up but learned that they had made an early stop. We only made one pit stop, allowing everyone to gather up again, but as soon as we left, Zoom went a couple of the rigs, leaving Mike and I to bring up the rear. Oddly enough, I was the first in line to register here. I don't know how we got ahead, but it wasn't a race and it really doesn't matter who was first.

After a very light supper, we were ready for some relaxation. We'll be on the road again tomorrow.

So long.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday March 22, 2015-Red Shoes Casino RV Park

It rained all night- HARD- and we were worried about our second breakfast Saturday morning but it cleared off long enough for us to have a much smaller layout of food, including some muffins that Andy and JoAnna had picked up. No sooner than we finished up and the rains returned. We all returned home to get out of the rain and to prepare for a road trip to a rum distillery nearby.

We left about noon for the Bayou Rum distillery in Iowa (pronounced Eye O Way by the locals). The tour of the distillery was fine and educational. Like all wineries and distilleries, they make it look easy. Just dump in the ingredients, molasses and sugar cane, add some water, bring the mixture to a boil, let it cool and out comes several flavors of rum. The molasses, sugar cane and water is all locally produced, making this a true Louisiana product. They are very proud of this fact and have won several awards for Best in Class. They also make a Satsuma rum that is delicious. The distillery is only about a year and a half old but if you like rum and can find it locally, buy some and let me know how you like it.

It continued to rain all afternoon so we were forced to move the potluck dinner to a pavilion near the swimming pool at the office. Andy and JoAnna made a very good gumbo and the rest of us brought sides to go with this, and again the food was outstanding! It continued to rain and the weather was chilly, so we didn't hang around and came on back home. Even though the weather didn't cooperate, the rally went very well and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Sunday morning, several folks had to leave for home or their next destination. Eight trailer stayed and continued to have fun together. We went to the casino where some gambled and we all got together to eat a light lunch at one of the cafes in the casino. We hung out in the afternoon and four couples went back to Fausto's Restaurant for another great supper. A few of us went to Jim and Nancy's trailer for dessert after supper. We didn't need it, but it sure tasted good. We've had so much food this weekend that we may not eat anything else until Wednesday! And we've got another rally that starts Friday. We should be recovered by the weekend and I know we'll have fun.

So long.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday March 20, 2015-Red Shoes RV Park

We were up pretty early this morning, preparing for our first official rally event, a huge potluck breakfast which was held next door at Jim's site. We furnished the coffee pot and coffee so I took it over and plugged it in about 7:30 so the coffee would be ready by serving time. 

I walked around a bit early and found Cookie and Bernie hanging out while he made some fried potatoes for breakfast. It was foggy and overcast and almost raining on us it was so humid. At least it was warm!

The breakfast was great! There was way more food than we needed and it was all delicious. We sat around visiting with friends after eating and finally went back home about 11. The last attendees arrived a little after noon. Bill and Ornell & Jim and Sheila came in together and we spent some time talking to them. Ornell hadn't been to sleep yet, so we came on back home. The sun was trying to come out and it was getting warm. 

A large group of us decided to go to a restaurant in town called Fausto's Family Restaurant. We had originally planned to go to the casino for a seafood buffet but everyone was still pretty full from breakfast and we decided to try this place out and it was a great choice! The food was really good and we joyed ourselves. 

We came on back home to rest up before an ice cream social. Wow, it seems like all we have done today is eat! The rally has gone very well and Andy should be congratulated. Stay tuned for more rally activities.

So long.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday March 19, 2015-Red Shoes Casino

Today started out cloudy and it remained that way most of the day. This as better than the rain that had been forecast. The rally hasn't officially begun yet and nothing was planned for today. The living room air conditioner had stopped working yesterday when we arrived but we have a bedroom TV that worked and kept us cool for the time being. I decided to work on fixing it and tried a couple of suggestions that had been given to me by friends that are here but they didn't work. I called Dometic, the manufacturer of the a/c unit and they no longer have customer service but referred me to some local dealers. The first one that I called told me what the error code meant. After doing some more reading he called me back and told me what to look for and.....TA-DAH !!! I fixed it. It was a very simple fix of a loose wire, so it really wasn't rocket science but I felt good about making the repair.

Since I was feeling so mechanical, I walked next door to see what Jim was doing to his brand new Landmark 365. He had found a small water leak and wanted to change out a water filter and add one of his own. I helped him for a couple of hours by fetching parts and tools and turning the water off and on when needed. Again, not science but a valuable help and it made me feel good about helping him.

We all got cleaned up and went over to the casino for lunch. We went to the Gumbeaux Sports Bar and had an assortment of sandwiches and light lunch items and then went into the casino where Jim and Nancy got their casino cards. They stayed and gambled some but the rest of us came back to the RV park to rest. It looked rainy, so I took advantage and tried to nap but only dozed a bit. It was restful and I needed it after playing Mr. Goodwrench all morning. 

We all got together late in the afternoon in our yard. We started off by watching Jim install a check light on the front of his trailer to show when his inverter was on and powering his refrigerator. Before the evening was over, the entire rally group had come over to visit. Very enjoyable evening. To cap it off, Stella broke out the Fireball and some other odds and ends of adult beverage and everyone left very mellow and relaxed. 

We're having a big breakfast in the morning and going to the casino for the seafood buffet tomorrow night, so we should be full at the end of the day tomorrow. I'll probably have a bowl of Wheaties in the morning and a piece of broiled fish with some asparagus for supper but we'll see.

So long.

Wednesday March 18, 2015-Moving Day-Bill and Ornell's house to Coushatta Casino, Kinder LA

We were up and watching the rain this morning while we drank coffee with Bill and Ornell. Ornell works tonight so she was able to spend some time with us before we left. 

It didn't take long for us to get packed up, so we took out time to wait out the weather. It never rained real hard, but it rained all morning and continued while we drove over to Kinder. We only made one stop at the Louisiana at the Louisiana Welcome Center. I again capped some Munzees but didn't run into anyone that I knew today. About the time we turned off I-10 to go to Kinder, the rain stopped. We were checked in and in our site in short order. We are parked next to Jim and his brand new Landmark 365. 

As soon as we were finished setting up, we went over to see the new trailer and to visit with Jim. He invited us to an impromptu potluck this evening at their place. Jim and Dave had bought some shrimp, so we had shrimp scampi and boiled shrimp for supper. Stella made spicy mac and cheese and others made side dishes and a couple of desserts. It was a very nice time, but that's the way these rallies go! Good times with our Heartland friends...

We stayed out until about 9:30, chatting and visiting. Other people had arrived for the rally and we spent time with them before calling it a night. Should be A good week!

So long.

Monday March 15, 2015-Moving Day-Oasis RV Park to Bill and Ornell Sims' house

We were up on time this morning, to get ready to leave for the rally in Kinder LA. Because of the way the dates had worked out, we were able to spend some time with our good friends Bill and Ornell at their home. 

We had developed a water leak over the weekend, so as soon as the employees in the service department arrived for work, I was up there asking if they could help me out by repairing the trailer. I'm sorry that I didn't get the young man's name that came down, but he came down to our site and made the repair in just a few minutes. The problem was at the inlet line into the trailer that had cracked. At least now I know how to make this repair for myself. 

We were soon packing up and actually pulled out of the lot just a few minutes after 9:30. We made excellent time down the road and only made one "pit stop" at the rest area just outside Beaumont. While Stella went inside to the bathroom, I began capping Munzees as I normally do when I ran into my friend and fellow Heartlander Bernie the Happy Kraut. He and his wife Judi wwre also on their way to the rally, so we spent a few minutes visiting before going our separate ways. Wow, what a small world!

It didn't take long to get to B & O's house where Bill soon backed the trailer into his driveway, which is a bit tricky, and we were set up. Not much to report on our stay with them. We sat outside on their back porch in the nice weather and got caught up with them. That's all we did during our stay, visited with Bill (Ornell had to work on Monday and Tuesday) and went to the grocery store with him. He fixed  "sauce piquaunt" (sauce peekant) a cajun dish that was VERY good. We got some of the sauce so now Stella can fix it for us!

That's about all to report on our stay here. Next stop, Coushatta Casino RV Park.

So long.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday March 15, 2015-Oasis RVPark

Our time here is almost done for now. We will be leaving for an abbreviated rally circuit soon, for the new Louisiana chapter rally in Kinder LA. We have decided to go to a new RV park when we return. There are just too many problems with this place, lack of reliable WIFI, mud on all streets, sites very close together, flaky and loud neighbors, etc. The police have been out several times to visit one neighbor in the first couple of weeks of our stay here. The woman from that trailer came over Sunday morning, asking for help because she thought her car had been stolen from the city of Webster. She needed a ride to Webster to make the theft report but I didn't volunteer. She must have located it because I saw her drive up in it a couple of hours later. Too much drama for me...!

Saturday we met my brother Phil and his wife Carol at the 888 Restaurant in League City for our last meal with them. We had a very nice visit with them, talking about the old times and just catching up in general. We had been slated to go to one of Cameron's baseball games today but it was cancelled due to a muddy field after the heavy rains we have had. We will get to go to others when we return in April.

Sunday we met Kim, Ray and Cameron at Beyond Burgers in Texas City. Tyler and Austin are on a Texas City high school band spring break trip to Disney World in Florida. Lucky kids! We didn't get to take cool trips like that when I was in school... We had a great time visiting with them and all enjoyed our burgers as well. 

We returned home and began making early preparations for leaving on Monday. 
On the road again!

So long.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday March 11, 2014-Oasis RV Park

The weather has been lousy the last few days, cold and rainy. I don't know how many feet of rain has fallen but it rained all night Monday night and all day yesterday. I'm growing webs between my toes.

A good friend of mine and the man that hired me in Dickinson, Wayne Cook, dropped by to see us soon after we arrived here and told me that there is usually a group of law enforcement retirees that meet at Kelley's restaurant in La Marque on Wednesday mornings. I either forgot about it or we had something else to do but today I left myself an alarm on my phone to remind me to get up and go. It worked, and I drove over to the restaurant about 7:30. I didn't know what time the guys would arrive, so I went early to be safe. They started to arrive a little after 8 and when all of them were there, they were all from the Galveston Police Dept. Well, my friend Freddy Poor was there. He worked many years for Galveston PD, ending his career there as Chief of Police before switching over to the Sheriff's Office, where he ended that career as Sheriff of Galveston County. Very impressive! There were other legendary GPD retirees with us this morning and we all exchanged lots of stories (all true) and memories of our careers. It was a very nice time with old friends and colleagues from the old days.

It started to rain again this afternoon, so we went to the store to buy groceries and hang out at home, warm and dry.

So long.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday March 9, 2015-Oasis RV Park

Well, here I am again, far, far behind...again! There is a good reason for this. The weather has been bad, rainy and cold a lot of the time. No one wants to hear about me laying around in sweats because I'm cold.

We have met with some of our friends to eat out and visit. We met Harry and Judy at the Oriental Buffet in Texas City. It was good to see our friends again and we hope to see them again before we leave. We drove up to Seabrook to Tookie's (which had finally reopened after hurricane Ike damage) to meet Tommy and Susan. We met Mike and Patrice along with Kim, Ray and the boys to celebrate Stella's birthday at Kelley's restaurant in La Marque but both the service and food wasn't as good as it once was. We later backed up these feelings about Kelley's when Stella and I went back and had poor service and both our food orders were messed up. We don't know what has happened by one of our favorite restaurants but something is going on there.

We went to some of Cameron's baseball games in Richmond, Rosenberg and Santa Fe. At the Richmond game, the weather was very cold and windy and we only stayed for one game. He played well and pitched in one of the games and did pretty well. We missed him pitching the entire game in Santa Fe, but we had gone to visit an old friend of mine (more later). We were sorry to have missed his game and he pitched very well, but there will be plenty more soon.

Cam batting. 



Getting a hit. Note the ball in flight, to the right of the 3rd base coach. He got a double and scored two RBI's but got stranded on base.

We missed his game because we had gone to visit an old friend from my childhood and church, Charlotte Purjet McLemore. It was nice, bringing back memories of my youth and times in the First Baptist Church of Galveston. Charlotte's sister married and divorced a good friend of mine, Mike Morrissey. I expect to see Mike at my upcoming 50th class reunion. 

Speaking of my reunion, we went today to visit a classmate of mine, Leta Middleton Higgins. We met her at the Maceo Spice and Import Co. in Galveston. The owner, Ronnie Maceo, was a couple of years behind me in school and I knew him back then, but we went to different schools. It was very good to see Leta and we had a lot to catch up on. She and I had talked about serving on the reunion committee but unfortunately, she developed some medical issues and others stepped in to work on the committee. I'm sure that we'll see her again before the reunion.

 If you're in Galveston at lunch time and want a very good sandwich, stop by Maceo Spice & Import. It's located in the historic Strand district and there are lots of interesting places to go.

So long.