Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunday May 26, 2015-Alamo Fiesta RV Park

As you know, we are here in Boerne for the Texas Boomers 15th Anniversary rally and we are enjoying seeing several of our old friends from the group. That's about the best I can say about the rally and let it go at that...

The big news of the weekend was the weather and the flooding in the hill country. We didn't have any damage at the park but someone had a rain gauge and said we got 9.9 inches! of rain. I certainly believe it. It's been a long time since we've gotten rain that hard for that long. We went out in the afternoon and I took some photos of the high water on River Road in Boerne but I just got a new computer and can't find the photos on it. When I do, I'll share them with you. 

We were so lucky to not have suffered any damage or injuries. There were several fatalities in the hill country, people lost their homes and many RV parks were completely covered with water. My daughter Melissa had come to New Braunfels with a group of friends to camp out in their tents near the Guadalupe river. I talked to her Saturday night and they had been moved back away from the river and later they were moved again even higher. 

So long.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday May 21, 2015-Moving Day-Houston West RV Park to Alamo Fiesta RV Resort

We had agreed to meet Bill and Tommy about 8:15AM at a small truck stop at the exit to the Stephen F. Austin state park. We had made these plans when we had thought that we would be staying at the state park and didn't change them when we went to a different park.

We got up early and really had a pretty easy time with getting things ready to go. We made it to the meeting point right on time and after picking up a breakfast sandwich, we were on our way to Boerne. We were to meet Ted and Donna at the rest area near Columbus but they were about 45 minutes behind us and said for us to go ahead and they would see us in Boerne. We passed Columbus but did make a pit stop in Seguin. We pulled into the park in Boerne right around noon and were soon all set up and ready for the rally. We went around and talked to some old friends that were there and are looking forward to the rest of the rally.

Now for the bad news. Remember that I have told you about Cassie and how weak she has become? I took her out twice today and she was weaker than ever. Her back legs are very weak and she stumbled badly. This afternoon, about 5:30, she went to the Rainbow Bridge. Stella had just taken her out and She just sat down in the yard. I had to come and carry her up into the trailer. She was still shaky but walked into the living room. I went back outside to visit with company that had come by when Stella called me inside. She had found Cassie lying on the floor in the living room, dead. She died silently, and not in any apparent pain. 

I called the Herbst Veterinarian clinic which is nearby and explained what had happened. They said that they would take care of her from here on. Stella and I took her over and left my little baby girl. 

I don't know if you have heard her story with us. About 12 years ago, I was working for the City of Missouri City and had made friends with the animal control officers. I told them to keep an eye out for a small dog for my grandsons, so one day they called me to tell me they had a full-blood Schnauzer and that they could not locate the owners who had moved. I rescued her the day before she was scheduled to be put down and took her to Kim's house to Tyler and Cameron. They were delighted to get her, but Kim had cats that Cassie loved to chase, so her time with them was cut short. She came back home with me and became our dog.

She lived a good life with us for the most part. She was attacked by a coyote in our back yard, but managed to escape and recovered from her very serious wounds. When we went on the road, she made an excellent traveler, lying in her bed on the floor of the back seat. She slept most of the time and let us know if she needed to go outside. She traveled more miles than most dogs do in their entire lives. On this trip I noticed that she was sitting up on the seat, looking out the window and told Stella that she seemed to be looking around on what might be her last trip. Little did I know...

I love you Cassie-Girl and will never forget you. I'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

So long

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday May 20, 2015-Moving Day-Bay Colony RV Resort to Houston West RV Park

I'm doing something different today and jumping ahead, skipping some good times with friends. Not that I'm ignoring them, but I had a bad day today and want to tell you about it! I'll go back and add their times when things settle down.

We started out by making an appointment at the Ron Hoover RV dealer to have some minor work done on the trailer under our extended warranty that we paid for. The plan was for us to spend the night in their driveway and they would furnish us power and water. Free is good! The downside is that they open early and we would have to be up and out pretty early and had made plans to meet others that were going to the same rally with us, so Stella and I decided to go to the Stephen F. Austin state park to spend the night. Better facilities and we wouldn't have to be out at the crack of dawn. 

After dropping the trailer off, we went to the state park to hang out and to pick out a site. We were shocked at the condition of the park with very high grass throughout the park, tree limbs down everywhere and just a deplorable condition in the park. Since we have had so much rain, there is standing water all over and all the hiking trails are closed due to high water. 

We chose a site and went to the office and paid for it, planning to be back shortly to get set up and relax.We went to get the trailer and found that we had what was thought to be a large nail in the left rear trailer tire. While in the shop, they had checked my tires for proper pressure and found this. We immediately found a nearby Discount Tire and made arrangements to go get the nail removed. Luckily we have a service agreement with Discount Tire, so they came out to check out the problem. It turned out to be the top of a plug used to repair a piece of metal that we had found a couple of months ago in Weatherford. Wow, what a relief! No tire to repair or possibly replace! It was a bit of a problem to maneuver out of the parking lot but we made it.

We were soon on our way to Stephen F.Austin to cool off and relax. I had chosen the site with the best view of the sky so we would have good television. When we got there and got set up, the electricity would not come on. Our surge protector was working again. It is designed so that it won't allow either high or low voltage into the trailer to protect expensive appliances and televisions. I contacted the park host next door and he called one of the park rangers who is an electrician. The ranger showed up right away and began looking at the box, trying to figure out what was wrong. He peered into the box as if it was going to tell him what was wrong. He never put a meter on the box or did any type of investigation into the problem and was no help. He looked into the electric boxes on several nearby boxes before admitting that he didn't have a clue. Now I was getting upset. It was hot, humid and starting to rain and all I wanted was working electricity so I could cool off. I got on the phone and found us another full hookup site in another park in Brookshire. I guess I insulted him because I told him that I wasn't interested in another site in this nasty-looking park. Well, I didn't say that but did decline another site. Hot, sweaty, rained on and frustrated but off we went to get our money back. Then the lady in the office said the fault lies with our surge protector and that many people have the same problem. These sites have all been under water lately, so I'll trust my protector and not their water-logged equipment. She did refund the money but Stella was pretty steamed when she came back to the truck. 

We came over here to the Houston West RV park where everything worked and we were soon basking in air conditioned comfort, watching Dish Network TV. Ahhhh...

I contacted Bill, Tommy and Donna about tomorrow's travels and was elected leader of the caravan since I know the way well. I'll post more tomorrow after we get to Boerne. Surely tomorrow won't be as "eventful" as today.

So long.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday May 13, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

This has been a good week-so far- for the Texas City boys. Monday night, Cameron had his baseball banquet and won Most Valuable Player for the offense on the Jr. Varsity team. Since he is a freshman that was stepped up to the JV team, it's extra special. I talked to him on the telephone and he didn't know all of his stats but he told me that his batting average is .517! 

Yesterday, the band had their spring concert and it was very nice. Both Tyler and Austin (Ray's son) play in the band, in the wind ensemble, the jazz band and the symphonic band. Tyler played the baritone sax and some metal pieces in a special song called "Foundry" in the symphonic band and Austin had a solo in the jazz band. 

I talked to Jennifer a week or so ago and she told me that Ian is still playing baseball and recently won the throwing contest for his division. Congratulations Ian, another ball player in the family!

I don't think I told you about Jay and Ian being on television. Even if I did tell you, I want to tell the story again. Remember when they had the big brouhaha in Garland where the two Muslim terrorists were killed? Jay and Ian were in a store right next door and actually heard the shots but didn't realize what they were. The SWAT team soon arrived and made everyone leave and someone took a home movie of the parking lot and showed Jay's truck and very briefly showed Jay and Ian walking to the truck. 

Am I a proud Grandpa? You betcha!

So long.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday May 11, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

My week began with trying to find a Chiropractor that  had a good reputation and took Medicare, which turned out to be a problem. I called a couple of local Dr's that didn't take "old folks insurance" but offered to treat me anyway- if I paid the bill. When I went to pick up my x-rays I noticed that there is a Chiropractor right across the street that takes Medicare, so I called them up and made an appointment. What a disappointment it turned out to be. I soon learned that they were not interested in even looking at the x-rays I had done and wanted to do their own at a cost of $250! She explained that she wanted to start at my head and work her way down my body to check ALL the bones and vertebrae, even though my shots were of the area where the pain was coming from. I already know the head bone's connected to the neck bone; the neck bone's connected to the back bone, etc. and I need help in the L-1 to L-5 vertebrae. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Medicare doesn't pay for x-rays or examinations, only for the adjustments. After leaving, I did some research on this clinic and they had another similar complaint on them for the same thing. 

I continued to research for a doctor and found an old friend of mine, Dr. Brad McKecknie, that worked on me about 25 years ago when I was lifting weights. He took good care of me then, so I called his office to learn that he isn't taking new patients but they have other docs in the clinic that could see me. I made an appointment for Saturday morning for Dr. Case Ricks to see me. While waiting to see Dr. Ricks, Dr. Brad came in and remembered my name. He came out and we had a nice visit. When he had treated me the first time, he had an office in the Texas Chiropractic College where he taught. Today he just said that he is "back at the college" but I later learned that he is the President of the college. Wow!!

Dr. Ricks took a look at my x-rays and knew just what to do. He made a couple of adjustments to my back and I walked out pain free! This was the best I've felt in a couple of weeks or longer. I had a much better weekend and came back this morning for another adjustment and am feeling much better now. I will go back a few more times before we leave.

Getting back to more fun stuff, we met Tommy and Susan and my brother Phil and his wife Carol at the Topwater Grill in nearby San Leon on Friday afternoon. The food is always fresh and good there and we were all stuffed  when we finally left. The place was not very busy, so we were able to sit and chat for awhile before leaving. Phil and Carol came over to our place to see our trailer. They liked it and asked many questions about living the RV lifestyle but I doubt that they'll go full time anytime soon. Just a feeling I have...

After going to the doctor in the morning, we went by the cemetery in Hitchcock to honor my Mother's grave. There were lots of people there today for Mother's Day and there were two services being conducted so I was not able to look for any other relatives there. We'll try to go back before we leave to pay our respects.

When we came back home, Tommy and Susan called because they were bored and wanted to come down to see us. We told them to come on because we didn't have anything on our calendar today. When they got here, we decided to go to Houston to look at RV's. We didn't get 10 miles up the road and ran into heavy traffic due to a traffic accident. We ended up taking the 610 loop when it became obvious that we wouldn't make it to the dealership before closing time. We decided to go to one of Tommy's favorite barbecue restaurants, the Spring Creek Barbecue restaurant. The food was indeed very good and we enjoyed the food. They also have fresh rolls that come out about every 15 minutes or so and are delivered to your table. I would go back for the rolls alone, but I have cut back on potatoes and bread, so I limited myself to one roll. We ended up driving about a 30 mile circle but it took almost 4 hours to drive it. it was fun to spend time with our friends and it will give us a good story to tell for a long time. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day and we spent time with Kim, Ray and the boys. We went to Monterrey Tex Mex in Dickinson. We all wanted some Mexican food and we figured that this small restaurant wouldn't be that busy, but nooooo, it was packed! We had a nice meal with the family and we later went over to their house for Kim and Stella to work on Tyler's graduation invitation list. I spent time outside with Ray, talking about improvements that he wants to do in the back yard. He has done a good job of cleaning up the trash that was in the back yard and we'll see how he does with his plans.

So long.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday May 4, 2015-Bay Colony RV Resort

Playing catch-up from last week again!

We went to watch Cameron play baseball last Monday. The boys didn't look good during the first four innings but came back pretty well. They lost were behind 10-0 but rallied, only to lose 17-10. Bummer! At least we got to see Tyler and his girlfriend Loren, who came to watch the game and to see Tyler's dad, who finally got to a game.

The boys wanted Stella to make them some of her goulash on Tuesday but we couldn't make it then. We went over on Wednesday and she cooked for them. Tyler was at work and I took him some for supper. The other two came out of their rooms long enough to grab up some bowls and go back into their caves to eat. Stella did another outstanding job on the soup and the rest of s had some. 

I had a doctor appointment Thursday afternoon and everything came out very well. I've lost some weight and that's always a good thing and the doc gave me a new electronic test that checks all your innards and gives her a report. All of my vitals checked out okay and since I have complained about my back and legs hurting, she found that I have some vertebrae that need adjustment. My doctor suggested a private x-ray lab that does good work and suggested going to a chiropractor to get my back in shape. She also prescribed a blood test and gave me the orders to take with me. I went the first thing Friday morning and got that done.

Our good friends, Bill and Ornell have just bought a new Bighorn and they brought it down Thursday for a visit at this park for their first trip out. Their trailer is beautiful and I know they will love it. They wanted to downsize from their 40' Landmark and should do well with this 35 footer.

Stella fixed us some smothered steak for supper on Thursday and we all ate way too much. The food was great-Stella strikes again! We all sat outside visiting and catching up until the winds got chilly and we went inside.

After doing my blood test Friday morning, I went to get my x-rays done in League City. The x-rays hurt more than the stick of the needle to draw blood. Getting up on the table and then into the different positions with my bad back was pretty hurtful. I'm glad that I don't have to do this very often.

We came back home and loaded up in the truck and went over to Kelly's for supper. The food, as usual, was very good. Bill and Ornell requested this place and since we love it too, it was a no-brainer!

Bill and Ornell's daughter and her family had also just bought a new trailer and they came down to stay for the weekend. I know that they enjoyed entertaining their three grandsons and Stella and I enjoyed watching them on their first camping trip. 

Saturday morning we had a potluck breakfast with pancakes, bacon and eggs, prepared and eaten outside. There is just something about cooking and eating outside for breakfast that makes it extra delicious. 

While the kids went to a nearby state park, the rest of us stayed here and just hung out. Later in the afternoon we went to the Monterrey Tex Mex restaurant for supper and then rode around Dickinson. We took them by our old house and then went to League City to check out a new RV park. We found that the sites were uncomfortably tight with not enough room to open the awning without hitting your  neighbor's slide. It could be a nice place if it weren't for that.

We came back home to sit outside again. The weather has been delightful, with highs in the 70's to low 80's during the day but cooling off in the evenings. Again the cool breezes chased us back inside again.

Sunday, the kids had to leave for home, so after seeing them off, we again hung out here. We were all stuffed from eating out so much, but later in the afternoon, we decided that we could eat a hamburger, so we took them to Tookie's in Seabrook. As usual, the food, while different, was excellent and we left well satisfied. 

Monday morning it was time for Bill and Ornell to pack up and go home. We are sorry to see them go but understand that Ornell has to work and they have a lot to do when they get home. We'll see them again.

So long.