Friday, April 28, 2017

Thursday April 27, 2017-Ozark RV Park

I am determined to not get so far behind again, so here's a recap of this week.

Tuesday we were all tired, so we just stayed in most of the day. We spent a lot of time sitting outside but we are down here all by ourselves and Dave and Nancy are "up on the hill", we didn't see them until it was time for supper. Stella talked to Nancy and they decided that we would go to the 
Mi Pueblito restaurant that we had found last year when we visited here. The food was still good and based upon the number of patrons we saw, it is very popular. When we got home, Stella read on the park schedule that we had missed the park potluck dinner tonight. We will make it next week.

Wednesday it rained all day long. And by that I mean it rained all day, never letting up but alternating between raining hard and just raining, but it dropped a lot of water on us. We didn't venture out except to take care of Tramp but he only stayed out long enough to get his business done and run back inside. Our friend Doug came by for a short visit. Doug was a Heartland owner and that is how we met. He moved to Mountain View a few years ago and bought a house and sold his trailer.

Thursday (today) we drove down to the strawberry farm on the very windy Ark. 9 road. This is the same place we went last year to buy produce including strawberries picked fresh this morning. The road hasn't changed, with twisty-turny roads but at times it offers very nice views of the countryside. It's worth the drive but unfortunately today was not  good day for strawberries. They were all water-logged and inedible. The girls bought a few other items and we were on our way back to Mountain View. We did some more shopping at a large hardware store and of course Wal Mart before returning home.

Our friend Doug dropped by and invited us to go to the Arkansas Folk Center State Park, which is just behind this RV park and accessible by entering a gate through the fence separating the two properties. There we watched about 6 performers that were very good. Doug himself will be square dancing tomorrow night and we'll be sure to go over to see his performance.

This place is one of the most quiet parks that we've been in. Of course, during the week there are not that many other guests, but there are no trains nearby, the road out front is a quiet residential street with little traffic and we are enjoying the quiet. I'm sure that there will be some park arrivals soon and next week the other Heartlanders will begin arriving so things will change then.

So long.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday April 24, 2017-Moving Day-Water's Edge RV Park & Cabins toOzark RV Park & Cabins, Mountain View Arkansas

This is one of our favorites, both the town of Mountain View Arkansas and the park, the Ozark RV Park and Cabins. If you like good ol' country folks and their music, this is a great place to come.

We left Oklahoma about 9:30 this morning, right on time! Our traveling friends, Dave and Nancy are with us again and we are glad to have the company. The distance wasn't too bad, about 230 miles to our next destination, but it took all day. The roads were okay but there were many twists and turns and lot of little towns to go through and it slowed us down. Most of the roads were two lane with no shoulder, which is not our favorite, but we made it just the same.

We only made two quick stops, one for a Stella and Nancy stop for comfort and the second for a lunch break. Both stops only took less than 45 minutes, so we were good! 

We like these relatively short and uneventful trips. Since we've been here before, we pretty much knew where we were going, but we came in from a new direction, but it was pretty easy. 

We plan to hang out and do nothing this week, but the rally-goers will begin arriving next week and things will pick up. Please stay tuned.

So long.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday April 23, 2017-Water's Edge at Grand Town Lake RV Parkand Cabins

Well, another good rally is over. We've had a good time here in spite of the weather. It rained hard starting Thursday evening and continued to rain Friday when it slacked off to a drizzle. There was intermittent drizzle and showers on Saturday and on top of that, it turned cold! We had temps down in the upper 40's and highs in the lower 50's on Friday, warming into the low 60's on Saturday. Today (Sunday) the weather is about perfect but it's still cool in the shade when the wind blows.

We didn't get out during the rains but on Friday, Dave, Roy, Jason and I went over to Vinita OK to visit the Dixon & Sons Machine Shop and Guns. This was an interesting place that builds huge shop equipment and has a good selection of guns, ranging from Class 3 machine guns to regular weapons. Everything we saw was nice but rather high priced but the heavy machine guns were very cool. It's been a long time since I've seen 30 and 50 caliber belt-fed weapons on open display for sale. 

We returned home in time to rest up for a group trip back to Vinita to eat at Clanton's Cafe. This place's main claim to fame is that it was featured on the TV show Diners Drive-Inns and Dives but they did serve one of the best chicken fried steaks that I've ever had. 

Saturday I took Jason and Roy over to Claremore to visit the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum. This is a large museum of guns and artifacts ranging from German beer steins to an assortment of western saddles and a huge collection of weapons. It seemed to have every caliber, gauge and barrel length of the modern sporting weapons and a huge collection of old style flintlocks, and other early weapons. The museum bills itself as the world's largest privately-held collection of firearms and I believe it! I noticed that the Tulsa Police Dept. had contributed many of the guns on display. I also thought it odd that both Mr. Davis and his wife are buried in the building, saying that he wanted to be with his guns when he died.

We returned to a craw fish boil for our rally supper. Again, there was plenty of food for us and we were joined by several folks that own Heartland trailers that they live in or use for weekend homes here in this park. We all had too much to eat but after supper they played a game of Cards Against Humanity. Everyone said that it was a lot of fun.

This morning, we said goodbye to some of our friends that had to leave today but the rest of us stayed behind and hung out at Jason and Audra's place, enjoying the nice weather. It was still chilly in the shade and we moved around from the sun to shade to stay comfortable. It was a nice time but soon Jason and Audra had to get on back home so they could go to work tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is another travel day to Arkansas and the chapter rally there. Please stay tuned.

So long.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017-Water's Edge RV and Cabin Resort

Well, it's Wednesday and almost all the attendees have arrived. Not much going yet and many are just settling in. Some have said that we are in the best site in the park and I have to agree. I guess there is something to coming in early and getting the pick of sites. 

As you can see, we have a great view of the Grand Towne Lake of the Cherokee.

A view from our neighbor's yard looking north on the lake. There are lots of permanent homes across from us.

A view in the other direction. 

The green area that goes from one end of the park to the other. The dogs all love the soft grass!

This park was originally designed for motor homes and someone apparently made a deal with one of the local propane suppliers for the large bottles. Someone used some imagination to paint this one decoratively. 

The rally will kick off tomorrow with  a Meet and Greet followed by a hot dog meal, and the fun begins...

So long

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monday April 17, 2017-Moving Day-Tyler Oaks RV Park to Water's Edge RV Park and Cabins

Remember I told you about our plan to move from Center to Tyler? Well we did it with no problems/ It's only about 100 miles, so we made no stops and went right to the park. 

We went to church at the HUGE Green Acres Baptist Church and then went back to cousins Doug and Linda's house for a delicious Easter lunch. It was nice to sit around with family and visit.

Back to today's trip from Tyler to Vinita Oklahoma. I woke this morning about 5:30, came into the living room to read the news online and after a quick breakfast, went out to start getting ready to leave. We were on the road about 9:30, right on time!

Very little traffic on the road made traveling good. Most of this trip in Texas was on divided highways and we had no problems, except a couple of tricky roads through some of the small towns. We made it okay and got into Oklahoma about noon. 

We were soon on the Terrible Indian Nation Parkway bouncing along the highway. I had to drive most of the 40-some miles at about 50 mph to keep my teeth in my mouth. This s easily one of the worst roads that we've been on. Remember a long time ago when they sold those machines that jiggled your fat away? Well, a ride on this highway would knock 20 or so pounds!

Another thing I don't understand is their charges for the toll road. We paid a toll upon entering the highway and drove for about 40 miles before going through another toll booth. We paid another toll but only drove about a block before turning off to get on another road. I didn't get any value for the second toll, but I guess that old adage of "their road, their tolls" applies here.

This is a beautiful setting for a park, with all sites being back-ins but fronting on the Grand Lake o' the Cherokees. The park was originally built for motorhomes which have their utilities set up exactly opposite from what a fifth wheel needs. Although the hookups are in the same location on each type of vehicle, a motorhome drives into a site where a trailer is backed in. Anyway, the park furnished a 50 amp extension cord so we could get electricity. Water and sewer were a smaller problem so it wasn't long until we were all set up. 

The weather is nice here and we missed a huge storm a few days ago. One of the other residents showed me pictures of some trailers that were blown over in the storm, so I'm glad we missed it. It is cool enough here for us to go without air conditioning and we slept with the windows open. 

Our friends will start arriving tomorrow, so I'll let you got for now but check back for more fun at the Oklahoma rally.

So long.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Monday April 10, 2017-Moving Day-Houston North KOA to Center RV Park, Center Tx.

Our moving day was somewhat anti-climatic. We are so accustomed to folding everything up and packing to move that it's second nature to us. Now mind you, we still pay attention to what we are doing, but it's pretty routine work. 

We pulled out around 9:30 and decided to drive back through Conroe, traveling east on SH 105 to US-59 to get to Center. Stella did very well and we only made one pit stop at the only rest area north of Livingston. 

We like travel days like this one. We went less than 200 miles today, with much if it on highways, with good roads and clear skies. Non-eventful travel days are great. We pulled into the Center RV Park about 2:00 and were soon set up and getting TV signals.  We've been getting Houston locals for our last four stops and we still get them here in Center. TV is the best thing that we get here. The Internet service from the park has gone down over the years that we've been coming here but there are more residents now than before. There are ruts and holes in our yard which I reported since they are safety hazards but of course nothing has been done about it. I hope that neither Stella nor I have an accident by turning an ankle or breaking a bone due to lack of maintenance and concern by the park.

We're looking forward to some good family time this week and plan to move over to Tyler this weekend for Easter weekend. Unless something interesting happens, you may not hear from me again until we leave Tyler for Oklahoma.

So long.

Sunday April 9, 2017-Houston North KOA

Well, the final South Texas chapter rally led by Tom and Marti is over and it was big and went off without a problem. Everyone had a great time, the weather was good and the food plentiful.

The rally began on Thursday with an ice cream social Meet and Greet. Of course it was a huge hit because who doesn't love Blue Bell? There were several newbies in attendance and I enjoyed meeting and talking to some of them. Names that I have read on the Heartland Owners forum that I am now able to put a face with.

Saturday was a "free" day and I used the time to talk to others in the park and to watch my neighbor Ed waxing his Landmark. I offered mine for him to do but I think he was tired when he finished his own. He did a really good job and his trailer looks great.

A crew from the Ron Hoover dealerships came out with a couple of demo units for us to look at, a Big Country with a small den for children with a loft bed above it, perfect for a small family, and a Landmark Oshkosh model that Stella and I liked....a lot... There are some things that we would change, but for the most this plan is a winner.

Ron Hoover also sent a portable barbecue rig complete with a chef to cook some delicious food for us. Including the door prizes that the dealership sent, Ron Hoover and Joe French, the General Manager of the Katy Frwy. store, have done another great job of showing their support of Heartland and our chapter.

Sunday is the traditional day of departure for many of our friends. We watched as several rigs left to go home or to their next destination. About noon, some old friends dropped in for a visit while they are in Houston for hospital visits. Tom and Judy attended our very first Heartland rally way back in 2007, so it was nice to see them and to catch up with them.

Old friends and family are what it's all about. We will go to visit my aunt Janie in Center soon and will see other family members later in the year.

So long.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wednesday April 6, 2017-North Houston KOA

The weather has been nice here in Montgomery Tx. and this morning it was downright cold, about 52 degrees! We have been taking advantage and just kicking back and relaxing. 

Yesterday we drove down to Rayford Crossing to see our friends Tommy and Susan. We had a nice visit with Tommy until Susan got off work, and then went out to eat. Their neighbors at the park, Steve and Mary Jane, went with us and we all had a good time chatting. Steve and Mary Jane are also full timers and they have a Tiffin motor coach like Tommy and Susan's. We ate at a place called Beto's Mexican Grill and the food was good but the company was better. We returned to Rayford and sat outside visiting with our friends until the skeeters came out. 

Today we met our friends from Inks Lake, Chip and Bunky at Tailgaters for a nice lunch. While eating lunch, some Heartland friends, John and Aletha came in to eat. Ironic seeing them, because they will be at the rally tomorrow. We had a fun time with them, catching up on Inks Lake and common friends from there. Chip is helping his son rebuild a storage building at his house that was damaged in a storm a year or so ago. It's a huge undertaking for them but I'm sure that they will get it done.

We came back here to the park and while standing outside with several friends, a friend of mine from high school drove up. Donna and her husband Sonny were just driving through and stopped by to say hi. How nice of them to come by. 

There are several new folks in the park and more arriving, so the rally begins tomorrow. 

So long.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday April 3, 2017-Moving Day-Coushatta RV Resort to North Houston KOA, Montgomery Tx.

We had a terrible storm last night with lots of rain and wind, but it seemed to last ALL NIGHT LONG! I didn't get to sleep until after 3AM, but our trip today was very easy and I made it just fine.

We took our time this morning and left about 9:45. We went straight down US 165 to I-10, then west on I-10 to TX 105 which we followed to the RV park in Montgomery. We made excellent time and only stopped once at the Texas Welcome Center. It was an easy-peasy day with beautiful weather and cool temps. It was cool until we arrived here but it got hot a soon as I began to work to get set up. I was soon sweaty and sticky but it didn't take long to get everything done and we could relax.

There are 6 of us that came from Kinder and many more to arrive later in the week. We are looking forward to a good rally here.

So long.

Sunday April 2, 2017-Coushatta Casino RV Resort

Well the Louisiana is just about over and everyone seemed to have a great time. We ate at the casino a couple of times, once for the senior breakfast day on Tuesday and once again with Bill and Ornell. The group of us went to a local restaurant called Fausto's and enjoyed ourselves. 

Part of our group went down to Avery Island, home of Tabasco sauces. We have been there before and because Stella's knees were bothering her, we didn't go. They also went to the Mardi Gras Museum in Lake Charles. Everyone said it was fabulous but we didn't get to go, again because of Stella's bad knees. 

On Friday morning we had a great breakfast that was put together by one of the rally-goers and it was a huge success. The highlight of the breakfast was a fellow named Hebert (A Bear) and his wife who are from Louisiana that came over to make fresh homemade beignets (pronounced ben yea) for us. These are a cross between a donut and a fritter frequently made in Louisiana and particularly in New Orleans. they are made by deep frying dough and then covering them with powdered sugar but I am told that they equally delightful with honey. Ah yes, a diabetes doctor's nightmare!

We also had another delicious Cajun meal of gumbo made by our Chapter Leader Andy and his wife Jo and side dishes prepared by everyone else. It was another grand meal that was enjoyed by everyone. If it seems like all we do at this rally is eat, you'd be pretty accurate. It's just that Cajun food is soooo tasty and everyone seems to love it. 

It was another great rally in Louisiana and we can't wait for next year. Of course, that can be said about all of the South Central Region rallies.

So long.