Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wednesday August 23, 2017-Moving Day-Poche's Fish N Camp to Center RV Park, Center Tx.

The day finally arrived that we had to pack up and leave our friends in Louisiana. We have had such a nice time with them, although oppressively hot. But what do you expect in Texas and Louisiana in August?

We went out to eat a couple of times, once to Pat's of Henderson, a very good Cajun restaurant with a nice view of the river and gators swimming by, and the second at Poche's Restaurant and Market in Breaux Bridge. Poche's is also owned by Ornell's uncle who formerly owned the RV park where we are staying. The food here in Louisiana is fabulous! If you've never been, you owe it to yourself to make this trip. I like this area much better than New Orleans. It is much less crowded here and Way less touristy! 

We were up and going around 7 this morning, but since we have about 225 miles to go, with most of it on freeway, we were able to take it easy. Bill and David, however, had mowing and chores to do when they got home and with a tropical storm brewing in the Gulf, they wanted to get things finished before the rains came. Just another reason to love our full-time lifestyle! 

As soon as we hit the road, we ran into those darn love bugs. You can see the results below. I took a picture of the windshield, which was also covered, but they had been washed off several times so that I could see to drive and most of the bugs were gone. 

I thought about counting them but you might find the number of the pesky little bugs astounding. I will take on the clean up as soon as I can.

Now that we're here in Center, it's time to spend time with family.

So long.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday August 18, 2017-Moving Day-Sim's Home to Poche's Fish N Camp, Breaux Bridge LA

Well, we are officially back on the road. We spent 9 days at Bill and Ornell's house and had a great time with them. One of the best things was the fact that we didn't run out of room in our waste water tanks in this time, which is a good thing!

We were up pretty early to get started on the moving day chores and actually hit the leaving-time exactly, 9:30. It is only about 124 miles to Poche's and we made very good time on the road. We only made one stop, at a place called Peto's Travel Center in Roanoke La. for their famous food. We tried the boudin balls, stuffed with cheese and a jalapeno, the pistolettes, which are fried rolls stuffed with etouffee and of course, cracklins' which are fried bacon rind or pig skin and all were very tasty. 

We got to Poche's about 1 PM and soon got set up, and man, is it hot here! I got a good sweat soaking at Bill's house while packing up and it was much hotter here. It went pretty well and I was through and cooling off about 2.

We sat around and visited with Bill & Ornell and David and Susan, who arrived just after we did and then a bit later in the afternoon, Andy and Joanna arrived and the group was complete. I forgot to mention that Bill and Ornell's daughter and her husband and three grandsons had also come and were here when we arrived. 

This RV park belonged to Ornell's uncle until he sold it a couple of years ago. Her aunt still works here, so it was a family reunion for them. The place is very picturesque, with ponds behind all of the RV sites. The ponds began as craw fish ponds and now are stocked with fish. Fishing is free and the rates are reasonable, so it's a nice place to stay. It should be a nice and quiet few days. Oh, and plenty of good ol' Cajun food!

So long.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday August 9, 2017-Moving Day-Bay Colony RV Park to Sim's Home, Port Arthur Texas

This was the day that we have been waiting for! We have been here since April, having a variety of doctor visits and of course, cataract surgery in both of my eyes. Everything came out fine and we have FINALLY been released to travel again.

We decided to come over to our good friends Bill and Ornell's house to visit with them for a few days before going to Breaux Bridge Louisiana to see some other friends there.

Today's trip was very short, about 90 miles, so we didn't get in too big of a hurry to get moving. Actually, it has been so long since we've done this, we found that we were a bit rusty, but we soon shook the cobwebs off and we pulled out about 10:30.

Actually we had expected to be rained on today but we were pleasantly surprised when no rain fell. We have had plenty of it in the past couple of weeks. Of course, with no clouds and rain, it was hot and humid. There was standing water all around our site, and it didn't take long to break a sweat.

Stella had decided to try driving the truck and pulling the trailer for the very first time. She had done a good job of driving me around when my eyes were broken and I was seeing double, so we thought today might be a good day. There was lots of traffic in Houston, so we waited until we got out on I-10 to switch drivers. There is a rest area about halfway to Port Arthur, so we made out stop there. Stella took a potty break (of course) before assuming the driving duties, but she made it through a pretty hard rainstorm before arriving at the house.  

It didn't take long to get set up here, so we were able to get in a little visit with our friends before we took off to get something to eat. Bill took us to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants, the Taco Rey. It was a good choice and we all enjoyed our food.

We are looking forward to some relaxing good times here, just hanging out with our friends. 

So long.