Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday August 18, 2017-Moving Day-Sim's Home to Poche's Fish N Camp, Breaux Bridge LA

Well, we are officially back on the road. We spent 9 days at Bill and Ornell's house and had a great time with them. One of the best things was the fact that we didn't run out of room in our waste water tanks in this time, which is a good thing!

We were up pretty early to get started on the moving day chores and actually hit the leaving-time exactly, 9:30. It is only about 124 miles to Poche's and we made very good time on the road. We only made one stop, at a place called Peto's Travel Center in Roanoke La. for their famous food. We tried the boudin balls, stuffed with cheese and a jalapeno, the pistolettes, which are fried rolls stuffed with etouffee and of course, cracklins' which are fried bacon rind or pig skin and all were very tasty. 

We got to Poche's about 1 PM and soon got set up, and man, is it hot here! I got a good sweat soaking at Bill's house while packing up and it was much hotter here. It went pretty well and I was through and cooling off about 2.

We sat around and visited with Bill & Ornell and David and Susan, who arrived just after we did and then a bit later in the afternoon, Andy and Joanna arrived and the group was complete. I forgot to mention that Bill and Ornell's daughter and her husband and three grandsons had also come and were here when we arrived. 

This RV park belonged to Ornell's uncle until he sold it a couple of years ago. Her aunt still works here, so it was a family reunion for them. The place is very picturesque, with ponds behind all of the RV sites. The ponds began as craw fish ponds and now are stocked with fish. Fishing is free and the rates are reasonable, so it's a nice place to stay. It should be a nice and quiet few days. Oh, and plenty of good ol' Cajun food!

So long.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday August 9, 2017-Moving Day-Bay Colony RV Park to Sim's Home, Port Arthur Texas

This was the day that we have been waiting for! We have been here since April, having a variety of doctor visits and of course, cataract surgery in both of my eyes. Everything came out fine and we have FINALLY been released to travel again.

We decided to come over to our good friends Bill and Ornell's house to visit with them for a few days before going to Breaux Bridge Louisiana to see some other friends there.

Today's trip was very short, about 90 miles, so we didn't get in too big of a hurry to get moving. Actually, it has been so long since we've done this, we found that we were a bit rusty, but we soon shook the cobwebs off and we pulled out about 10:30.

Actually we had expected to be rained on today but we were pleasantly surprised when no rain fell. We have had plenty of it in the past couple of weeks. Of course, with no clouds and rain, it was hot and humid. There was standing water all around our site, and it didn't take long to break a sweat.

Stella had decided to try driving the truck and pulling the trailer for the very first time. She had done a good job of driving me around when my eyes were broken and I was seeing double, so we thought today might be a good day. There was lots of traffic in Houston, so we waited until we got out on I-10 to switch drivers. There is a rest area about halfway to Port Arthur, so we made out stop there. Stella took a potty break (of course) before assuming the driving duties, but she made it through a pretty hard rainstorm before arriving at the house.  

It didn't take long to get set up here, so we were able to get in a little visit with our friends before we took off to get something to eat. Bill took us to one of his favorite Mexican restaurants, the Taco Rey. It was a good choice and we all enjoyed our food.

We are looking forward to some relaxing good times here, just hanging out with our friends. 

So long.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday July 19, 2017-Bay Colony RV Park

I'm still around but now am done with my cataract surgeries. I had the second operation yesterday and the operation itself went very well but the delay was not as well taken.

Let me begin at the beginning. On Monday I got a call from someone at the Clear Lake Regional Medical Center to report at 8:30 AM for a 10 or so operation. This is the normal procedure and I paid it no mind. My first operation had been at about 8 with a report time of 6:30. We arrive a bit before time and checked in and took a seat. The waiting room was full, so business was good. About 9:30, Stella went to check on the procedure because they have a sign that says to inquire after a fifteen minute wait. She was told "no problem" and Stella noticed that my name was at the top of the list and so we to continued to wait. At ten, I went to check and one of the clerks told me that I was next. About ten thirty I was still not called and went back to check again. The same clerk said that she would check for me but I noticed that she never left the area, nor did she pick up the phone to call anyone. Finally a bit after eleven I was called to the prep area. At last, something happening! Nurses came in and put drops in my eyes (4 times!) and Anesthetist Doc came in and had me sign some releases and other papers and I thought the show would be on the road soon. Nooooo... I waited in the prep area for over an hour before they came out and took me into the operating room. 
If only Someone had come by and said "We're running behind because bla bla bla" with some kind of explanation of why we were delayed it would have made a Yuge difference! I spoke with a representative of the hospital today and expressed my frustrations and was told that this will be looked into so it doesn't happen again. I am a big believer in constructive criticism. 

At any rate, the surgery went off without a hitch and with the exception of some haze on the eye, my vision has been returned. I bet the dang doctor put his big 'ol fat finger on my new lens, smudging it! HaHa, just kidding. He told me today that it is normal and will go away.

On to more fun stuff to report. Aunt Janie came down with her daughter Linda and husband Doug, her granddaughter Amy and husband KJ and their daughter Nancy Kate for stay in Galveston at a very nice vacation rental. We went down to visit them on Sunday and had a delightful day with them. 

We returned to Galveston to meet them and grandson Jason and his kids Sam, Alyssa and Ally for lunch at Mario's Seawall Italian & Pizzeria where we had a good buffet lunch. It was great to catch up with them and have a great meal too!

We are making our plans to finally be able to leave here and get back out on the road. We've got a few more doctor visits to get in and we can hit the road. Can't wait!

So long.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday June 29, 2017, Bay Colony RV Park

Yes, I'm still alive but now can see out of both eyes!

To begin to get caught up, we haven't been doing  very much while back at
"home" in Dickinson. We have spent some time with Kim and the boys, friends, Mike and Patrice and talking on the phone with concerned friends that have been nice enough to call to check on me but mostly just staying home and nursing my eye. 

Our good friends Bill and Ornell came down from Port Arthur on Sunday to visit and stay at the park where we are. Stella and I had gone to her sister's house in Blessing for a family dinner that she has about 4 times a year. It was good to see Stella's family again.

We had a very nice visit with Bill and Ornell. On Monday we went to Galveston to look at some RV parks there, the Dellanera RV Park which is on the west beach area near the surf and the Stella Mare RV Resort which is a bit further west and a nicer park in my opinion. The roads and sites are concrete while the Dellanera are on packed sand. The sites are prettier but there is better view of the beach at Dellanera. 

We went for lunch at the Shrimp and More restaurant at 39th and Ave. O. This place is only a few blocks from the house that we lived in for several years when I lived at home with my parents. Driving through the neighborhood brought back many memories. Have any of you gone back to your old neighborhood? Made me nostalgic, remembering friends and relatives and where they lived.

Tuesday we went to Katy to see a trailer at the Ron Hoover dealership. Sadly the one we wanted to see had been sold but we got to see another old friend, Joe French, while we were there. We then paid a visit to Camping World to buy some parts and to look at some more trailers. We got some of the parts we wanted but didn't find a trailer that we liked, so we went to have lunch at a favorite restaurant, Molina's Cantina on Westheimer for some great Mexican food. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first cataract surgery, and the doctor decided to work on the right eye that had been affected  by the palsy. The palsy had been lessening in the last week or so before my surgery, so I was very happy about that. My surgery was scheduled for 8 AM, so we had to be at the unheard of hour of 6. 6 AM! It certainly came early, 6 o'clock! 

They took me back to the prep area and started on putting drops in my eye. I tried to warn the nurses that I hate eye drops and that I would fight them but they assured me that they would win and guess who won? After the second set of drops went in, I decided it wasn't so bad and the rest of them went right in without too much problem. One if the nurses verified my name and date of birth and asked me why I was there. She then initialed my forehead to note which eye was to be operated on and later Dr. Millstein came in and did the same thing, so there would not be a mistake made in the operating room. The anesthetic doctor later came in and verified what was to be done but he didn't mark me. 

When I was finally wheeled into the operating room, a nurse covered me in a warm blanket and then tucked it in under my arms to keep me restrained in the bed. They put some kind of goopy gel on my eye before covering my face with a sheet and some towels, leaving only my right eye uncovered. The doctor came in and the show was on! I remember some cold liquid on my eye and seeing a small tool going in front of my eye but I never felt anything else. I saw a bright white light with a blue ring around it and heard the doctor tell me not to blink and I didn't think I did, but he kept repeating it over and over. I guess I went to sleep because I don't remember the coverings over my eye being removed but before I knew it they were wheeling me out of the O.R. and into a recovery area. Several nurses came by to check on me and then Stella joined me, and in about ten minutes or so I was transferred to a wheelchair and taken out to the truck.

I took a couple of naps while resting on the couch and we returned to the doctor's office at 3 PM for  follow up visit. There was nothing to report and we were sent back home. We went with Bill and Ornell to the Spring Creek Barbecue restaurant in League City for a great barbecue dinner. I think I may have overdone it this afternoon because my double vision returned but I went back home and got a good night's rest and feel fine this morning. This is the first time in several weeks that my eyesight has been normal. 

Thank you God.

So long.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday May 14, 2017-Bay Colony RV Park

After getting here on Wednesday-thank you again Dave and Nancy- we just took it easy on Thursday but did get in to see my Cardiologist where I got a generally good report. He gave me another prescription which should lower my blood pressure, always a good thing, and we'll see how that goes. 

Friday we went to the Ophthalmologist to see what is the matter with my right eye. They ran some tests on me and determined that I have something called Third Nerve Palsy which allows my right eye to not focus properly. This condition, long with my cataracts, make seeing clearly difficult and driving impossible. I already knew that but didn't know what it was called, so I know what the problem is. The bad thing is, it is not treatable and must run its course. Dr. Millstein did say that I need to move my cataract surgery up and we will do that next week.

Saturday was a much better day! We had not told Kim and the boys that we had returned, so we cooked up  scheme to meet them when they went our for Mothers Day. We included Tyler because he could keep a secret and it went off very well. We met them at the Topwater Grill in San Leon and took her completely by surprise. She said that when she stepped out of the car, she thought she saw her Mom but thought that she had talked to her earlier this morning from Arkansas. She had no idea that we were returning. We had a great time visiting with them and I ran into Charles Totty, a guy that I worked with early in my career in La Marque.

This morning, I told Stella that I would take her to one of her favorites, Kelly's Country Cookin' for breakfast. Cameron couldn't make it because he had plans with his girlfriend but we had a great meal and good conversation with them. We're looking forward to more good times with many friends and family while down here getting me repaired.

It is very hard for me to write this, so there may be some times when you don't hear too much from me until this eye thing gets fixed, but please bear with me.

So long,

Wednesday May 10, 2017-Moving Days-Mountain View Arkansas to Dickinson Texas

This post will actually begin on Monday May 8th, the day before we left Mountain View. We made preparations for leaving tomorrow, one of which was buying fuel for our truck as well as Dave's. Remember, he's taking our trailer to Dickinson for us. As usual I waited and waited for Stella to get ready and finally went to start the truck and cool it down a bit before leaving. Dave and Nancy drove and got a shocked look on their faces with me sitting in the drivers seat. I said (jokingly) that I thought I could drive but he said "no way, man. Of course I was kidding but my old habits of coming out and starting up had kicked in. Stella then came out and made it official, kicking me out of the seat. 

Tuesday morning we were up and working pretty early and Stella walked out of the trailer, ready to go at exactly at 9 am! We were soon on the road back to Texas. There was little traffic on the road and really, the only traffic we hit was on a loop around Little Rock Arkansas but it wasn't too bad. We pulled into the Motel 6 in Marshal Tx. about 3:30 and were soon checked in and relaxing in our rooms. The motel allowed parking for the trailer on their parking lot, saving us some money on an RV park for the night. It may have not been that much of a savings because the battery in the trailer ran down over night, making the refrigerator die and we don't know how much food was ruined yet.

Dave chose a restaurant called Cafe Italia in Marshal and it was a great choice. The waiter was excellent and the food was wonderful. Great choice Dave!

Friday morning, we found that the beds in both rooms had been lacking so we were all up early and packing up the few belongings that we had brought along and were on the road a little after 8. We had decided to push on without taking time to eat breakfast and I'm glad we did. We made great time through Houston with almost no traffic on the Beltway. The Highway Department had finally finished the road work on I-45 at the Beltway, eliminating a huge bottleneck that has existed there since the last century! Well it seems like it! Now it's a breeze to merge onto I-45 southbound and before you knew it, we were exiting for FM 517 in Dickinson.

After checking in, we soon had to turn down the first site that we had been assigned because it was not long enough to hold out trailer and park the truck, so we moved into a back-in site. It didn't take long to get set up and we are home for awhile. 

We will miss our friends at the Missouri chapter rally and the huge International rally in Goshen, but there will be more in the future and we'll be there!

So long.

Sunday May 7, 2017-Ozark RV Park

I got behind again due to some medical issues that I have developed in the last few days but will try to get caught up. 

I left off with last Friday which was the 28th of April. We didn't do too much except to go to The Angler Restaurant for supper. 

On Saturday the 29th Dave and Nancy and us drove over to the small town of Calico Rock where we ate at one of our favorites in Arkansas, The Printing Press Cafe.

Sunday the 30th it rained - a lot - and we didn't do much of anything. We did take a drive a drive down Arkansas Hwy. 9 North to see the high water at the Angler Restaurant where  we had eaten a couple of days ago. The water was up to the dining and picnic area and we had seen prior pictures of water up to the bridge over the White River. Our friends should start coming in soon, and things should pick up. 

Monday May 1st, our friends Mike and Peg arrived and Stella and Nancy  fixed a delicious supper for all of us. Stella made some beans in her new Instant Pot along with cornbread and Nancy made some good beef ribs in her Traeger grill. 

Tuesday the park has a potluck dinner that we all went to. As usual, the potluck was very good but just as we were finishing up, a group of the "park people" began putting up the tables and chairs. I know that has to be done, but it would have been nice to be able to visit a bit before putting everything away.

On Wednesday, Mike and Peg did some of their jalapeno poppers but I started feeling bad and suffered from double vision, probably from my cataracts. Stella brought me a few poppers but they would have been better while fresh but they were still good.

It had started to rain on Wednesday and it continued to Thursday so we didn't do too much. Some more folks arrived for the rally. Paul and his wife Mona and David and Brenda, who are all from Arkansas and were soon good friends. Paul and Mona had been at our Regional rally in Branson last year and it was good to see them again.I was still suffering from my vision ailment and didn't get to visit too much. About 6 that afternoon the power went out and stayed off all night until about 3am. It has been getting cold at night and we were glad to now our furnace worked without outside power.

Friday morning was the first day of rally activities. We had coffee and donuts for breakfast and 5 of us, Mike & Peg, Dave and Nancy and us went back to Calico Rock and the Printing Press cafe where they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary with free ice cream! Dave had to drive us over because of my double vision problem but he didn't mind. The chicken salad they serve is delicious and we all enjoyed our meals and the ice cream desserts but had to hurry back to the park for the Meet and Greet. By that time, more new friends had arrived, Jeff and Angela, a young couple that are in the service, Tom and Fay, all of them from Arkansas and Don & Joyce and Larry & Gayle, all from Missouri, so along with Billy and Janice, Chapter Leaders, that is our group for the Arkansas rally. We had started with fourteen and actually ended up with nine couples. I've got to tell you about how proud I was of them. We were sitting outside and chatting when we heard the rodeo that is being held across the street at the County Fairgrounds starting up. Someone began singing the Star Spangled Banner and everyone in our group immediately jumped up and saluted!! No one had said a word, and everyone was standing. It sure made me feel good.

Saturday morning began with a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits and a choice of sausage or chocolate gravy (yes it was good!) bacon and sausage. The club furnished the ingredients and several of us furnished the labor to cook. Great! That afternoon we were serenaded by a local group called Sibling Rivalry. This is a singing/playing group of three sisters and their brother, ages 12-16 who sing both old folk songs and modern country. They were very entertaining and if you're ever in the area, try to find one of their performances. You'll be amazed!

This morning, Sunday. we went over to the Iron Skillet restaurant,  located near the Arkansas Folk Center for their good home-style buffet lunch. After lunch, Dave wanted to drive over to Melbourne AR to check out the Cooper's Hawk golf course that he wants to play tomorrow. It's about 30 miles and a very scenic drive and we enjoyed the twisting/turning roads.

I've gotta let you know that I have decided to cut our travels short at this time. I cannot function with this vision issue and have decided to go back home to see my own doctors. I will be able to see all three docs, Diabetes, Cardiologist and of course my Ophthalmologist to take care of my eyes. Dave and Nancy have agreed to pull our trailer, leaving their trailer here in Arkansas,  and Stella will drive us back. Wish me luck...LOL

So long.