Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday July 19, 2017-Bay Colony RV Park

I'm still around but now am done with my cataract surgeries. I had the second operation yesterday and the operation itself went very well but the delay was not as well taken.

Let me begin at the beginning. On Monday I got a call from someone at the Clear Lake Regional Medical Center to report at 8:30 AM for a 10 or so operation. This is the normal procedure and I paid it no mind. My first operation had been at about 8 with a report time of 6:30. We arrive a bit before time and checked in and took a seat. The waiting room was full, so business was good. About 9:30, Stella went to check on the procedure because they have a sign that says to inquire after a fifteen minute wait. She was told "no problem" and Stella noticed that my name was at the top of the list and so we to continued to wait. At ten, I went to check and one of the clerks told me that I was next. About ten thirty I was still not called and went back to check again. The same clerk said that she would check for me but I noticed that she never left the area, nor did she pick up the phone to call anyone. Finally a bit after eleven I was called to the prep area. At last, something happening! Nurses came in and put drops in my eyes (4 times!) and Anesthetist Doc came in and had me sign some releases and other papers and I thought the show would be on the road soon. Nooooo... I waited in the prep area for over an hour before they came out and took me into the operating room. 
If only Someone had come by and said "We're running behind because bla bla bla" with some kind of explanation of why we were delayed it would have made a Yuge difference! I spoke with a representative of the hospital today and expressed my frustrations and was told that this will be looked into so it doesn't happen again. I am a big believer in constructive criticism. 

At any rate, the surgery went off without a hitch and with the exception of some haze on the eye, my vision has been returned. I bet the dang doctor put his big 'ol fat finger on my new lens, smudging it! HaHa, just kidding. He told me today that it is normal and will go away.

On to more fun stuff to report. Aunt Janie came down with her daughter Linda and husband Doug, her granddaughter Amy and husband KJ and their daughter Nancy Kate for stay in Galveston at a very nice vacation rental. We went down to visit them on Sunday and had a delightful day with them. 

We returned to Galveston to meet them and grandson Jason and his kids Sam, Alyssa and Ally for lunch at Mario's Seawall Italian & Pizzeria where we had a good buffet lunch. It was great to catch up with them and have a great meal too!

We are making our plans to finally be able to leave here and get back out on the road. We've got a few more doctor visits to get in and we can hit the road. Can't wait!

So long.