Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday December 17, 2012-Moving Day, Inks Lake State Park to Ron Hoover RV Houston

Thank you for cooperating with my surprise of Kim, Jeremy and the boys. It worked perfectly and was a complete success. I'll tell you more about it in a few minutes.

We woke about 7 this morning but just couldn't seem to get started with packing up. I had done the usual, taking down the porch and putting away some of the outside gear but there was still a lot to get done. We had several visitors, but finally managed to get away around 11:15. Let me tell you, it was MUCH easier to get out of the site than it was to get backed into it. At any rate, we left much later than we wanted to but made good time and only made one stop at the Buccees store in Bastrop. Can't pass by one of those! The trip went well until we hit the traffic in Houston, which slowed us down considerably.

We pulled into the Ron Hoover dealership just before 4 and before you knew it, we had been put into our place for the next few days by one of the workers on a forklift. I talked to the Service Manager, Tony, and got everything in place for the work to be done. Tony gave me his key to the gate lock so we could come and go as needed after hours.

Today was Cameron's birthday, so there was another reason to come down to Texas City. We planned to surprise them at supper but Houston traffic again slowed us, but when we got near, Stella called Cam and found out that they had already gone to eat and were at the ice cream store so we decided to stop and get something to eat and to surprise them at home. You should have seen their faces when we knocked on the door! It made the drive worthwhile but we are sorry we will miss seeing our other grandson, Ian. They live in Garland and we will see him when we can and celebrate Christmas again with him. Maybe Santa will leave a Christmas gift with us to give to him.

So long.

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