Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday January 24, 2014-Inks Lake State Park

I know it has been forever since I've put up a post, but I've been busy with the deer hunters and working around the park and that was pretty boring to write about. 

This was the first hunter that I took out and the buck that he got. It was a very pretty nine pointer and one of the best ones taken over the hunts.

We had many compliments about the hunts. All of the hunts were the same, an evening hunt on Tuesday, morning and evening hunts on Wednesday and another morning hunt on Thursday. The only one that changed was during the kids hunt when it was backed up one day due to new year eve. 

I guess the next big thing that has gone on would have to be the winter weather. The "polar vortex" came roaring in and left us with lots of cold weather. At least the first one didn't have any ice and snow associated with it down here. I know that much of the rest of the country had lots of snow and ice but we escaped it. Even the deer hunters didn't have to deal with extreme cold during the hunts. 

Most of the water in the unoccupied sites was left dripping and this was the result. At least they avoided water lines breaking, although they did have to replace some water spigots.

The pictures below were taken today, in the latest round of cold weather.

 The front porch and steps were hard to negotiate this morning. Of course, the propane bottle ran out about 3AM and I had to bundle up and go change it over to the full tank.

The morning temperature this morning!

At least my work on the deer blinds is finished, at least for now. We will return to work in the next week or so, working on the blinds. We plan to move some and improve the shooting lanes in some. We want to get this done now, so the deer will not be alarmed next fall when we all plan to return and work the deer hunt next season. 

I have been busy in making plans for our summer trip and will share them with you as soon as I can. I plan to add a travel map to the front page when I figure out how to do it. 

So long.


Teri said...

We had some nice ice sculptures this morning!

Nan Talley said...

Geezzz is this weather ever going to give us a break????

Stay warm and safe.