Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday September 6, 2015-Moving days-Mountain Views at Rivers Edge Resort, Creede CO to Bay Colony Resort, Dickinson TX

This post will document our leaving Colorado after my heart attack and our return to Texas. We were originally scheduled to leave Mountain Views on Tuesday Sept. 1st but since I was released from the hospital that morning, We decided to stay another couple of days and leave on Thursday. Since we had lots of reservations made to make the trip to Carthage Missouri, for the chapter rally there. Stella got busy, calling to cancel reservations as soon as we got back home. We both forgot about the Labor Day holiday weekend, so when she began calling to make reservations along the way to go back to Texas, she found no spaces open. Bummer...

We then changed our plans to leave on Sunday, after the holiday, but after many reminders that I had been told to go to a cardiologist as soon as I could, we decided to go as soon as we could locate someone to drive us. I was outvoted when I said I could drive and pull the trailer back to Texas. I called my friend Dan Mayer, who said he would drive us to Amarillo but asked us to meet him in South Fork, a short distance from Creede. Tom Mangum, among others, had already called and offered to help in any way he could, so I called Tom back and he said he would meet us in Amarillo and take us to Dickinson. Wow, what an awesome group of friends! That left me with only the drive to South Fork. I still contend that I could drive it, but again I was over ruled. That Stella is Tough! The next thing I knew was that Stella had run into our neighbors Joe and Elaine Lawler who are from Iowa and Joe insisted to drive us the 20 miles to South Fork. That fixes us up with drivers all the way!

We got up Friday morning to a crisp 50 degrees but as soon as the sun came up it warmed up. It was a great day to travel and we were soon in South Fork. Joe had a good time with the train horn on my truck along the way. It really echoes in the mountains!

Dan drove across the plains of Colorado and into New Mexico and even knew a good restaurant to stop in when we got to Raton NM. We enjoyed our lunch stop and continued on into Texas. I was sorry to see that there is no huge Welcome Back To Texas sign at the border at Texline but at any rate, we were back in Texas! After another couple-hundred miles we were in Amarillo. Both Dan and us had been to the Oasis RV Resort before, so we knew where we were going. Upon arrival, we were told to find a site and see the office in the morning. It didn't take long to hook up water and electric and throw the satellite out and we were set up!

Tom and Marti had booked a motel, so they came out to the park and we decided to go to the Big Texan Restaurant, home of the 72 oz. steak challenge. None of us wanted to try the huge steak but there was a young man that was making pretty good progress on one while we were there. 

After a good night's sleep, we went by to pick up Tom at his motel and drop Dan off at the Enterprise office to pick up his rental to drive back to Pagosa Springs. We went back to pick up the trailer and of course, little Tramp. We were soon on our way to Mansfield TX to the Texan RV Ranch. We had lucked out and got the very last site in the park. This park is mostly long term use but it was easy in and out and had decent utilities. 

Jennifer, Melissa and Ian came over to see us from Garland. We had a nice but short visit before going to the Spring Creek Barbecue restaurant for supper. We found a table in a banquet room that we had all to ourselves, so we were able to stay for a couple of hours visiting.It was nice to spend even a small amount of time with the girls and Ian. We went and added some fuel that we had found at a good price ($2.07 per gallon) before going home.

We pulled out in the morning about 8:30 and made very good time on the highway. There was a surprising amount of traffic on the road but it wasn't bad. Tom had never been to Sam's Original Restaurant in Fairfield, so we stopped and showed him what a great restaurant it is. We got there just after they shut the breakfast buffet down, so everything on the lunch buffet was fresh as could be. We enjoyed our lunch but were on the road again soon. Traffic continued to be heavy but moving right along until we got into Houston. And the backups came... Actually we never came to a stop but the crazies were out in force. Tom had been enjoying the train horn as we met or passed real trains and a couple of them returned his honks, but he really didn't get that much of a chance to use it in Houston.

We got into Dickinson about 3:30 and were pulled into the site and hooked up in short order. Tom's brother Charlie came to pick him up to take him to meet Marti in Schulenberg to go back home. It had been a very uneventful trip, and let me say it one more time, OUR FRIENDS ARE AWESOME!!!

I have an appointment with a cardiologist on Tuesday, so we'll see what he has to say and we'll go from there. Please continue to pray for me and wish me luck.

So long.


Donna W. said...

oh my some how I missed that you had a heart attack, so wish we could have helped. Saying prayers and let us know what cardiologist says

Tom & Judy's Adventures said...

Did not know you had a heart attack just heard you needed to see a doctor. Good luck today and our prayers will be with you, Stella and all of your family.

Cheri (Blackledge) Peine said...

Dean and I are keeping you in our prayers. Take care and keep us updated.