Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday December 8, 2016-Inks Lake state park

We have finished our second ADA hunt and everything went  very well. 

This is our new site, right across the street from the maintenance area where we work out of. 

We like this site because we are near our friends that I work with and since it is so close to work and I can just walk across the street to get to work. 

This is our second group of disabled hunters. My hunter, Michael, is second from the left and is the only hunter who came alone. His wife didn't want to come along with him this time but perhaps she will change her mind.

This is Michael's 8 point buck that he took on Tuesday night. It is a beautiful animal, approximately 5 years old and very symmetrical. I think he decided to have a full shoulder mount done with his trophy. 
Good job Michael!

More to come in future hunts.

So long.


wm.schuette said...

Jay, Thank You my friend. Your doing God's work if your helping these disabled youth to be in our great outdoors and reap God's animals. Thank You

kalyani Gosavi said...

good work........weldone dude