Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March 18, 2019-Moving Day-Whistle Stop Resort to Tyler Oaks Resort, Tyler Tx.

We were up early to pack up and leave Abilene after the rally. We had a great time here, meeting some new friends and reacquainting with others, as well as seeing our usual friends that go to most of the Heartland rallies.

Stella had done a good job inside, with many of the normal things that are laying around being put away. We had our normal coffee and a light breakfast of a blueberry muffin and got busy. 

My friend Mike Culpepper and I had re-positioned my water filter into the water control cabinet while we were here and it was a joy to simply unplug the water hose from the quick-connect on the filter without having to stow the filter in the box. Another simplification project completed!

We weren't traveling with anyone else on this trip and were glad when Stella took her normal medications today including a diuretic that caused us to stop frequently. We stopped at the first rest stop we came to, about 10 miles down the road as a precaution for her, the first of about 5 stops we made. I'm not complaining because it keeps her feeling better and that is a good thing. 

We made good time, even though we ran into a good bit of traffic in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. It was only a 280 mile day, so we were here in Tyler before 4. This is our third time here in about five months, and I asked for frequent flier miles when we checked in. That got a chuckle out of Whitney, owner of the park, but no discount was offered. 

We went over to Aunt Janie's house for supper and a nice visit. We are looking forward to spending more time with her this week, as well as her daughter Linda, my cousin. Should be a good week.

So long.

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