Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Wednesday & Thursday, Moving days-Cottonwood RV Park to Whistle Stop RV Resort

After several months, I am resuming my writing on my blog. I just needed some time off but now feel like writing again.

After spending some time in the Rio Grande Valley in Mission, it is finally time to leave. The rally season is starting, so we need to hit the road. We left on Wednesday and after an overnight stop, at the Whistle Stop resort in Abilene.

We traveled with Dave and Nancy & Lin and Debbie. For a change, Dave led the pack! He did really well, even when traveling through San Antonio, which is always a white-knuckle drive. We left right on time, at 9AM and made very good time. We only stopped once, near the Border Patrol checkpoint near Falfurias. We arrived in Boerne at the Top 'O the Hill RV Park about 3PM. 

We had a couple of close calls when entering the park to get to our site. The streets are very narrow with a tree on my right side and a pole in our site on my left. I had to cut pretty close to the tree and when I went back to look at my track, I saw that I had only been about a foot from the tree and had been even closer to the pole but we made it. We found that our Traveler antenna had a problem. The controller said that there was no power to the LNB, the signal receiver. Since I'm not allowed to go on the roof any more, we just did without TV overnight. It wasn't too bad without it and I got some reading done. We had no further problems in our site but Dave and Nancy had no 50 amp service and had to use 30 amp, which meant that they had limited electricity to use. We earned that Lin had been sick from some food that he ate in Mexico, so we didn't see him while we were there. 

We did get to see our old friend Ricky Cobb, who lives in this park. I walked the dogs and stopped by to see him and he later came down to our place for a visit. It was good to see him again.

We left Thursday morning about 8:45 with no further problems. I led on this trip, which was uneventful. We stopped at a truck stop for our break and made it to Abilene about 3. 

After getting parked, I checked the rooftop antenna and could see a wire that had come loose. I asked one of the park workers if he would go up and plug the wire back in and he agreed to. He found that the wire had apparently broken off from the base of the antenna and tried to tape it back together but it didn't work. When Dave finished with his setting up their trailer, I asked him to see what he could do to repair this problem. He was able to push the wire back into the connection and made it work for a temporary fix. At least we will have television!

Our good friends Mike and Peg had arrived here  from their home in San Angelo. They had prepared a delicious meal for all of us travelers of ham and scalloped potatoes. It was delicious and we thank them for thinking about us. Lin was still under the weather and couldn't eat. 

The weather had turned off cold and rainy when we arrived, so we weren't able to sit or eat outside with our friends, so we all got a plateful and came back home to eat.

We are expecting to have a great week here in Abilene with both old friends and new at this rally. Of course, we are going to the Rattlesnake Roundup tomorrow, so stay tuned for that report.

So long.

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