Friday, May 30, 2008

After Memorial Day

I'm back.....

Not much going on down here, once we got back to work after the Memorial Day weekend. Somehow, my caseload didn't just disappear like I had hoped it would over the weekend. I did get finished with my NIMS (National Incident Management System) training. This is something that the Government mandates for all first responders that must remain in case a major storm or catastrophy should hit us.

Last night, I took Tyler (my oldest grandson) to a local pro baseball team game, the Bay Area Toros. They play in the Continental Baseball League. The school district had given out some tickets to the game and Tyler invited me to go. I wasn't very impressed by the game and we left after 5 innings. The Toros were behind 5-0 when we left. I was sitting by myself and had my hand stepped on twice by kids running up and down the bleachers. Tyler wasn't watching the game either and was hanging out under the stands with his friends, so I decided to go watch Cameron's game.

Cameron was playing in his team's last regular All Star game and the playoffs start after this game. He loves to play baseball and will play any position. During the regular season he played first base, but the All Stars coach put him out in right field because he can throw the ball so well. He was promised to get to play first base again but so far, it hasn't happened. They won again, so they got through the All Star season losing only one game.

Tyler got another reward for acing his TAKS test (again!). He only missed one question on the Reading test and got all right on Math.

I plan to take the truck to get the oil, oil filter and fuel filter changed this weekend in preparation for our upcoming trip to Branson for the Heartland International rally. We leave on Tuesday June 11th for Rayford and will start the trip on Wednesday. We will start getting the house ready to sell when we return and hopefully it will be gone by Thanksgiving.

So long for now,

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