Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

We woke up on Friday morning and started getting ready for everyone to come over for breakfast. All we had to do was make the coffee but Stella kept busy in the kitchen. I wasn't needed, so I went outside where it was nice and shady and with a nice breeze, a very pleasant morning. Everyone started showing up about 7:30, and we ended up feeding about 20 people again. The BLT sandwiches were great (as usual) and Ricky fried up some eggs for those of us that wanted one on our sandwich.

It was a very laid-back morning. After finishing up our breakfast, I went back inside the trailer to try to nap a little bit because I have to work tonight (ugh!). I decided that I'm not going to let that fact affect my weekend, and tried my best to keep my attitude up. It still sucks to have to work on a holiday weekend, especially since I had plans that had been made months in advance. I guess thats the reason they pay me the big

I ended up leaving the park about 3 o'clock so I could beat any traffic or backups related to tonight's firework display downtown. I made it home just fine and just hung out at the house before having to get dressed for work. I got a call about 5:20 about an intoxicated driver that had been involved in a traffic accident. The officer said the man was uncooperative and had gone to sleep in the jail cell without being booked in. I went in about 30 minutes early to help out with him and had the search warrant affidavit all filled out and the DA called as well as a Judge to sign the warrant, but the man woke up and agreed to give the blood sample. We took him to a local hospital and had no further problems with him. Another officer made three arrests for intoxication, and a few fireworks were confiscated and tickets written to the owners, but otherwise it was an easy night.

I went back home and slept for a couple of hours before going back to the park for the day.

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