Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike continues

I left off my last post here on Monday, when we were planning to take the truck and trailer to Boerne. I was talking to Bill Sims, who lives in Port Arthur, about what we were doing because Ornell had told him that he ought to leave too. I had suggested to him to come with us but he pointed out that the storm will likely go over San Antonio/Boerne after making landfall. He suggested bringing the trailer down to his house. He said that I could leave it there and if the storm kept coming their way, one of his sons could drive my truck to pull my trailer out. I thought that sounded like a plan, so bright and early Tuesday morning I called the park in Boerne and cancelled my reservation there.

Another problem that we found was that I had planned for Stella to drive the city Expedition to Boerne or wherever we decided to go which would have made it necessary for us to have our own insurance rider on another vehicle. My insurance agent said that they wouldn't insure a city vehicle, especially an emergency vehicle.That means that if we evacuate, we'll have to return to Dickinson so that I can go to work in the Expedition.

On Tuesday, the storm seemed to be heading into the Corpus Christi area, so we decided that we would just ride it out at home. I knew I would have to go to work and leave Stella alone, but she could go to Kim's house or with them and would be safe. I went to work and we monitored the path of the storm. It seemed to be heading more and more toward the eastern Gulf coast of Texas, which made everyone very nervous. A mandatory evacuation was ordered for west Galveston and the southern part of Brazoria County but it didn't really affect us.

Wednesday morning the storm seems to be coming more on a Carla-type path, which made us decide to take the trailer to Bill's house in Port Arthur. I came straight home and hooked it up and we were at his house a little after 5. Traffic wasn't bad at all on the freeway and we breezed right along. When we got there we found out that Bill had already called a park in Breaux Bridge Louisiana to go to from his house if needed. He said they could go to Lafayette or wherever it took to be safe. He will drive my truck and one of his sons will drive his and pull his trailer. Ornell is a nurse and will have to stay at the hospital.

We ate supper at Bill's house and he and Stella brought me home. I went to bed about 8:30 but Jana called about 9:30 and it woke me up to the point that I couldn't go back to sleep. I came in here and watched the storm predictions until almost 11 before turning back in and sleeping 'til about 3:30. I got up and saw that the storm is predicted to hit just west of Galveston Bay which will be somewhere in Brazoria county.

I'm glad I had already packed a suitcase to take with me this morning. I'll just add a few items and go on in to work. At least Stella, Cassie and the trailer are safe in Port Arthur and can move if needed.

I'm leaving for work now, so wish us luck.

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