Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday December 18, 2014-Inks Lake state park

No, I haven't been lost in the woods, but I have managed to stay busy while hosting here at Inks Lake. We have had two weeks of deer hunts that were very successful, with all hunters getting at least one deer. We are now the first week of a two week lull in hunting but when it resumes, we will have kids only hunting. That is always fun for the kids and we enjoy watching them.

On the 7th, Stella and I celebrated our 35th anniversary and went to one of Stella's favorites, Cooper's Barbecue with Bill and Karen. We learned that Coopers is under new ownership but the food is still good and nothing has changed. 

We went out to eat at Mr. Gattis Pizza last night with the other hosts. We enjoy these get-togethers. Although a large group overwhelms many restaurants, the pizza buffet is designed for lots of folks and we all had plenty to eat and had nice visits. I'm sure that we'll all do something again before we leave. Plans are being made for a Christmas Day lunch. Potluck dinners are always sooo good!

Here is a link to The Best Christmas Video that was sent to me. I watched it and liked it and hope you do too.

So long.

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Tommy said...

Man, you guys have a great place on the lake!!
No wonder you wanted to go back.
Just thinking bout u and Stella.
See ya,