Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday August 27, 2015-Mountain Views at Rivers Edge Resort

We took Mike and Peg on a drive up to the old gold mine that is located above the Mining Museum. The Museum is underground in another part of the mine. It is also used as a Community Center and adjacent to the Creede Volunteer Fire Dept. also underground.

The road is dirt and gravel but well kept. The higher you drive, the narrower the road becomes. 

Take yourself back in time and imagine building the roads and buildings using manual labor and on horseback. Not to mention the drilling equipment!

There are lots of old building remaining.

This old place has seen it's best days for sure.

The black areas are supports for roads or possibly rail lines for the mining equipment. Again, remember that this was all built by hand.

It's hard to imagine what this area was like when the mine(s) were in operation.

Breathtaking views!

Please don't tell the EPA where this is. They'll send a crew over to work on the old mine and before you know it, another toxic spill!

So long.

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