Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday August 25, 2015-Mountain Views at Rivers Edge Resort

We've been just hanging out and relaxing and enjoying the great weather. We've gone for a couple of rides out into the mountains and I will have some new photos to post soon.

Yesterday a neighbor came in pulling a 2012 Landmark with the exact same floorplan that we have. Dana and his wife Carol are from Austin TX and are here for a short time. 

Today our friends Mike and Peg arrived here. They were escorted to their by a park employee who also offered to help Mike get parked. After a bit of time I went over to see if I could help. The park employee soon gave up and in short order, Mike was parked. Soon after beginning the set-up procedures, Mike found that his batteries were low but he found a circuit breaker that he reset and everything seems to be working now.

Stella had fixed a large pot of soup, so I invited Dana and Carol to eat with Mike and Peg and us and we had a very enjoyable meal. It was nice to get to know Dana and Carol and I expect we'll spend more time with them in the next few days.

A Cyclone toy hauler trailer came a couple of days ago, but I haven't been able to catch them at home to introduce myself. There are lots of outdoor activities here and people with a short time to spend here don't spend a lot of time at their trailer. When Mike and Peg pulled in another Bighorn pulled in right behind them, so there is another person that I will try to meet. Hey, it keeps me out of the saloons...

So long.

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