Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saturday December 5, 2015-Inks Lake State Park

This evening we went to see a boat parade down the river above Inks Lake. Our vantage point was from the old highway on the closed-down bridge, which was a good point to see the boats below us, but it was surrounded by a very high cyclone fence, which made taking good photos very difficult.

The boats gathered and then circled under the bridge. There was also a barge with the fireworks on it below us. Again, it made personal viewing the fireworks easy, but they were very nearby so I couldn't get the full effect. 

After the boat parade we drove into Burnet to see the Christmas lights on the town square around the County Courthouse. Beautiful!!

I especially liked the icicles hanging from the limbs. They are actually flat lights with descending lights that make them look very realistic. We plan to go to another couple of light displays before Christmas and I'll show you the pictures when we go.

So long.

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Caroline said...

Love the pictures! Maybe this year we can meet up, we missed you a couple years back. We are grounded for the winter so our travels with the RV are going to be at the Kingsland Slab beside the Llano River where we have it parked in my Sister and Brother in law's camp ground. Not a bad place to be and we get to eat at that BBQ place where one road dead ends....starts with an S. Anyway, would love to meet up sometime while you are in the area.