Saturday, January 9, 2016

Friday January 8, 2016-Inks Lake State Park

Well, here I am again, over a month behind on my blog entries. I have been busy with guiding deer hunters, and have been very tired at the end of the hunts. We put in more than 30 hours on the three day hunts, and I am always just too tired to write. It is tiring but a lot of fun, both for us (the guides) and the hunters. We have been having excellent results, with over 100% for most of the hunts, but the last one was lower. We don't know if the weather is the problem or the fact that so many deer have been harvested and we are thinning the herd.

We have enjoyed this park so much that we have signed up through the 2019-2020 season. One reason for the long-time sign-up is the number of park hosts here this year. There are an extraordinary number of people here to host and we wanted to be assured of a spot for the future.

We had a nice Host dinner for Christmas, with one couple bringing a large ham and the rest if us bringing side dishes and desserts. We had a great meal and after we played a dice game called Farkle. This is a fun dice game that we have played before several years ago. We enjoyed playing with some new friends. 

New Year's Eve was celebrated at our house by staying home. We almost never go out and nothing had been planned here except a few campfires but it was on a Thursday night, the last day of a deer hunt, so I was very tired and didn't feel like doing anything so we just stayed in. Party Poopers!

We had some more friends visiting us here. Dave and Nancy came in on January 4th and Corbin and Flora came in on the 6th. They will stay here until we leave for Mission on the 9th. We are looking forward to our visit to Mission.

Please stay tuned...

So long.

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