Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wednesday May 10, 2017-Moving Days-Mountain View Arkansas to Dickinson Texas

This post will actually begin on Monday May 8th, the day before we left Mountain View. We made preparations for leaving tomorrow, one of which was buying fuel for our truck as well as Dave's. Remember, he's taking our trailer to Dickinson for us. As usual I waited and waited for Stella to get ready and finally went to start the truck and cool it down a bit before leaving. Dave and Nancy drove and got a shocked look on their faces with me sitting in the drivers seat. I said (jokingly) that I thought I could drive but he said "no way, man. Of course I was kidding but my old habits of coming out and starting up had kicked in. Stella then came out and made it official, kicking me out of the seat. 

Tuesday morning we were up and working pretty early and Stella walked out of the trailer, ready to go at exactly at 9 am! We were soon on the road back to Texas. There was little traffic on the road and really, the only traffic we hit was on a loop around Little Rock Arkansas but it wasn't too bad. We pulled into the Motel 6 in Marshal Tx. about 3:30 and were soon checked in and relaxing in our rooms. The motel allowed parking for the trailer on their parking lot, saving us some money on an RV park for the night. It may have not been that much of a savings because the battery in the trailer ran down over night, making the refrigerator die and we don't know how much food was ruined yet.

Dave chose a restaurant called Cafe Italia in Marshal and it was a great choice. The waiter was excellent and the food was wonderful. Great choice Dave!

Friday morning, we found that the beds in both rooms had been lacking so we were all up early and packing up the few belongings that we had brought along and were on the road a little after 8. We had decided to push on without taking time to eat breakfast and I'm glad we did. We made great time through Houston with almost no traffic on the Beltway. The Highway Department had finally finished the road work on I-45 at the Beltway, eliminating a huge bottleneck that has existed there since the last century! Well it seems like it! Now it's a breeze to merge onto I-45 southbound and before you knew it, we were exiting for FM 517 in Dickinson.

After checking in, we soon had to turn down the first site that we had been assigned because it was not long enough to hold out trailer and park the truck, so we moved into a back-in site. It didn't take long to get set up and we are home for awhile. 

We will miss our friends at the Missouri chapter rally and the huge International rally in Goshen, but there will be more in the future and we'll be there!

So long.

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