Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday May 7, 2017-Ozark RV Park

I got behind again due to some medical issues that I have developed in the last few days but will try to get caught up. 

I left off with last Friday which was the 28th of April. We didn't do too much except to go to The Angler Restaurant for supper. 

On Saturday the 29th Dave and Nancy and us drove over to the small town of Calico Rock where we ate at one of our favorites in Arkansas, The Printing Press Cafe.

Sunday the 30th it rained - a lot - and we didn't do much of anything. We did take a drive a drive down Arkansas Hwy. 9 North to see the high water at the Angler Restaurant where  we had eaten a couple of days ago. The water was up to the dining and picnic area and we had seen prior pictures of water up to the bridge over the White River. Our friends should start coming in soon, and things should pick up. 

Monday May 1st, our friends Mike and Peg arrived and Stella and Nancy  fixed a delicious supper for all of us. Stella made some beans in her new Instant Pot along with cornbread and Nancy made some good beef ribs in her Traeger grill. 

Tuesday the park has a potluck dinner that we all went to. As usual, the potluck was very good but just as we were finishing up, a group of the "park people" began putting up the tables and chairs. I know that has to be done, but it would have been nice to be able to visit a bit before putting everything away.

On Wednesday, Mike and Peg did some of their jalapeno poppers but I started feeling bad and suffered from double vision, probably from my cataracts. Stella brought me a few poppers but they would have been better while fresh but they were still good.

It had started to rain on Wednesday and it continued to Thursday so we didn't do too much. Some more folks arrived for the rally. Paul and his wife Mona and David and Brenda, who are all from Arkansas and were soon good friends. Paul and Mona had been at our Regional rally in Branson last year and it was good to see them again.I was still suffering from my vision ailment and didn't get to visit too much. About 6 that afternoon the power went out and stayed off all night until about 3am. It has been getting cold at night and we were glad to now our furnace worked without outside power.

Friday morning was the first day of rally activities. We had coffee and donuts for breakfast and 5 of us, Mike & Peg, Dave and Nancy and us went back to Calico Rock and the Printing Press cafe where they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary with free ice cream! Dave had to drive us over because of my double vision problem but he didn't mind. The chicken salad they serve is delicious and we all enjoyed our meals and the ice cream desserts but had to hurry back to the park for the Meet and Greet. By that time, more new friends had arrived, Jeff and Angela, a young couple that are in the service, Tom and Fay, all of them from Arkansas and Don & Joyce and Larry & Gayle, all from Missouri, so along with Billy and Janice, Chapter Leaders, that is our group for the Arkansas rally. We had started with fourteen and actually ended up with nine couples. I've got to tell you about how proud I was of them. We were sitting outside and chatting when we heard the rodeo that is being held across the street at the County Fairgrounds starting up. Someone began singing the Star Spangled Banner and everyone in our group immediately jumped up and saluted!! No one had said a word, and everyone was standing. It sure made me feel good.

Saturday morning began with a big breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits and a choice of sausage or chocolate gravy (yes it was good!) bacon and sausage. The club furnished the ingredients and several of us furnished the labor to cook. Great! That afternoon we were serenaded by a local group called Sibling Rivalry. This is a singing/playing group of three sisters and their brother, ages 12-16 who sing both old folk songs and modern country. They were very entertaining and if you're ever in the area, try to find one of their performances. You'll be amazed!

This morning, Sunday. we went over to the Iron Skillet restaurant,  located near the Arkansas Folk Center for their good home-style buffet lunch. After lunch, Dave wanted to drive over to Melbourne AR to check out the Cooper's Hawk golf course that he wants to play tomorrow. It's about 30 miles and a very scenic drive and we enjoyed the twisting/turning roads.

I've gotta let you know that I have decided to cut our travels short at this time. I cannot function with this vision issue and have decided to go back home to see my own doctors. I will be able to see all three docs, Diabetes, Cardiologist and of course my Ophthalmologist to take care of my eyes. Dave and Nancy have agreed to pull our trailer, leaving their trailer here in Arkansas,  and Stella will drive us back. Wish me luck...LOL

So long.

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