Saturday, October 14, 2017

Monday October 9, 2017-Moving Day-Braunig Lake RV Resort to T & S Enterprises, Navasota Tx.

Well, the last rally of 2017 is over and it was time to pull out for the next stop. Today we are going to T & S Enterprises, an RV dealer in Navasota Texas, south of College Station. 

I found this place on the Internet and was impressed with their pricing. they gave me a better price on a brand spanking new 2018 Landmark than my "other" dealer offered on a new 2016! I was glad to take them up on the offer, so today, off we went to begin the process of taking delivery.

We arrived after a 190 mile, uneventful drive and were soon met by Tim Meadows, one of the owners, who, I had been dealing with over the telephone and Internet. Stella and I were both impressed by Tim and his attitude to customer service. He answered every question that we had and began the walk-through process. Unfortunately, Chessa, the finance lady, was off sick today, so we weren't able to sign any papers today.We went back outside and I began transferring my gear over to the new coach and it soon became obvious that there was going to be a problem with fitting all of my stuff into the smaller underbelly, but I will make do. I worked until about 9 o'clock both inside (helping Stella) and outside. It was a hot and tiring day, but tomorrow promises cooler temperatures, but we'll see.

We stopped working about 5 to eat supper at a barbecue restaurant named Mallet Brothers Barbecue. This place has some of the best 'cue that we've had in a long time. There was plenty of meat with a delightful smokey flavor with just the right amount of hot spices.

So long.

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