Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday January 26, 2018-Cottonwood RV Park

We did the two events that we have planned for our stay in the valley, a dealer open house at the Ron Hoover RV dealership on Wednesday and a Meet and Greet at Retama Village Resort on Thursday.

The Hoover event has been going on for several years, but I feel that it may be running out of steam. Attendance has been going down for the past two or three years and the dealer has been cutting back on their Heartland inventory. At any rate, we had about 50 people here, including some other brand owners, some friends and some relatives of Heartland owners. Jason had his mother and father attend, and they were the lucky winner of one of the door prizes. Jason is the chapter leader for the north Texas chapter. I was happy to meet them and glad they won a prize. Perhaps they will convert and buy themselves a Heartland trailer. 

The Meet and Greet has been rather off and on for about the same number of years as the open house, but we missed a few years when Ken and Kathy, owners of a lot at Retama, were unavailable to reserve the meeting room. This year's get-together was pretty short notice. I knew that Ken and Kathy were trying to buy place near Buchanan Dam in the Hill country, close to Inks Lake and intended to sell their place at Retama. I assumed (I know, I know) that the purchase of the new place had gone through but as it turned out, the deal had fallen through literally at the last minute. When I found out about it, I immediately went to work to organize this one. We only had about a month to get the word out and still had about 12 couples, a pretty good group! We all bought food to share and we had everything from a delicious soup to chips and dip and several desserts. As usual, everything was delicious and we all had a good time. 

The weather has been bad in the valley this year and there was no letup today. It was cool and rainy, so sitting outside was out of the question, but we set up a few more tables and chairs, so there was plenty of room for all of us inside where it was warm and dry.

We plan on staying home and relaxing for a few days, but as usual, that's subject to change, just like the weather. I'll keep you posted.

So long.

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