Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tuesday May 29, 2018-Moving Day-Double J Campground to Peculiar Park Place Resort, Peculiar MO

We made an uneventful drive from Chatham Illinois to Peculiar Missouri. We pulled out about 9:30 and made very good time on the freeway. We had freeway driving all day and it was a nice trip.

We only made two pit stops today (hooray for Stella!), the first in a rest area, which we always like to do, and the second at a large truck stop where we picked up a couple of sandwiches. I love truck stop burritos, but haven't been able to find any recently. Rest assured, I'll keep looking!

We saw a large coyote loping down the road. He got near us and turned off out into the pasture and his normal running grounds. This is the first time we've actually seen a coyote in the wild, not counting carcasses on the shoulder of the road. Nice...

We crossed the Mississippi river at Hannibal Missouri, home of Mark Twain. We should plan a trip here to explore this area sometime. I never really thought about it until now.

It was rather confusing when we got to the Kansas City area. I knew we were in Missouri, but all of a sudden I saw a large Welcome to Kansas sign along side the road. Then, a few miles down the road, we saw another welcome (back) to Missouri. I knew the park has a Missouri address and we have been this way before, but I guess it never hit me that we went through Kansas in ten minutes!

We pulled in here and were soon checked in and escorted to out site. In no time at all we were hooked up. This site (#58) is very unlevel and we ended up with three tires off the ground, but there was no rocking, so all is well.

The trip will continue tomorrow, please stay tuned.

So long.

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