Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wednesday May 30, 2018-Moving Day-Peculiar Park Place Resort to Gunsmoke RV Park, Dodge City KS

We had another uneventful travel day today. We were up and on the road a few minutes after 9, even taking time to fill up with fuel at a Flying J service station, where fuel was a good price, so we took advantage. Stella found some "new" sandwiches, a sausage and egg and bacon and egg, both of them on French toast bread. Mine was just okay, but it was a good experiment.

We only made two pit stops again, the first at a rest stop in Kansas and the second at a very small truck stop out in the boonies. We did take time out to let the dogs out alongside the highway. We found a place where the grass had been mowed, and took them out for their own little break.

The only interesting things that happened today was that we saw a bull in a pasture that had the largest horns we've ever seen. It was a longhorn bull and it was not the length of the horns but the diameter. Those things had to be 6 or 8 inches around! 

The other interesting thing was that we got stuck behind a big truck carrying a load of round bale hay. He must have had 10 or more bales on his truck but he managed to drive at a decent speed, so I just stayed behind him. He was being followed by a couple of cars that refused to pass him and a motorhome that did find a long enough stretch to pass this group of cars and truck. He has more guts than I do, to pass this group with fairly heavy traffic. I must have had to follow him for 40 miles or so before he finally turned off. Then, when we got here to the Gunsmoke, the motorhome that passed was here ahead of us! I went by to talk to those folks but they were gone somewhere.

We did find some Shell diesel fuel at a great price here, so we filled up again. this will give us plenty of fuel for our stay in Creede.

Just one more overnight stop!

So long.

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