Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November 10-12th Monday-Wednesday

This begins my next-to-last week to work, so it's an exciting time for me. I have a couple of cases that I need to work on, and began on Monday. I took some statements on Monday, and did the reports. Tuesday I was scheduled to meet with one of the suspects, who has already retained a lawyer, but in the morning, I got to feeling very bad and went home with a sick headache. I called and cancelled the meeting with the lawyer.

I felt a little better in the afternoon and managed to take the trailer to Due's Camping Center to have the Dometic recall repair made. It was very easy, just pull into the lot and left the truck and trailer. The tech came out and worked on it in the lot while we browsed inside the store. Believe it or not, we didn't buy anything!

We did have a little bit of a different experience when hitching up. The teflon ring that is used for lubrication between the hitch and kingpin has always fallen off. Today I put it in place but somehow when the kingpin slid into the hitch, the ring got smashed and kept the hitch from closing. After a few tries of getting hitched up, I discovered the problem and threw the old teflon ring away and the hitch slid right into place. We probably should have bought one while we were at Dues, but we'll get one somewhere.

Wednesday I went to my last Forgery Roundtable meeting at the Tele Chek plaza on Westheimer in Houston. The Tele Chek director of security announced to everyone there that I am retiring next week. There was a Pasadena PD Sgt. there who is also retiring soon. He is much younger (50) than I am and said he will try to get another job but didn't say where he may try to go. There were some representatives there from the Attorney General's office who said they have openings for investigators but it would mean driving all the way to Hwy. 290 and Mangum which is a long way from Dickinson.

I had spoken with a guy who said he is an investor interested in buying houses about looking at our house. I spoke with him again this afternoon and he finally admitted that he will not pay more than 60% of retail for an investment house, which means he wants to steal it or buy only houses in distress or in danger of foreclosure. I finally told him thanks for your time but I don't think we can afford to give the house away. Stella spent two days sprucing the house up to show it to him too.....

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