Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday and Sunday, November 8 & 9

This has been a very pleasant weekend. We stayed at home all day Saturday. Stella fixed us a good breakfast of fried eggs and bacon with toast and a supper of leftover bbq chicken. Stella cleaned out some old mail that will be destroyed and I just watched some TV and surfed the net all day long.

Sunday morning she fixed us some biscuits and gravy for breakfast while I watched my car shows on TV. I called Emile and Rose and we met them at the Salt Grass restaurant in Sugarland for a late afternoon meal. It was good to see them again and especially since we'll be leaving as soon as the house sells.

After leaving Sugarland, we went to Texas City where I filled the truck. It's so nice not to have to spend $100 every time we fill the truck. Diesel prices are much lower now, we paid $2.88 per gallon. I roughly figured my mileage at 16 or so mpg. Not too bad since some of that is pulling the trailer.

I talked to Bill Sims on the phone and invited him to the Texas Boomer Christmas party in Boerne. We have signed up and will likely travel to Boerne with Ted and Donna and Harry and Judy. We're thinking that we'll stay at Rayford after Thanksgiving for four days and leave from there for Boerne on Thursday December 4th.

So long for now.

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