Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another week gone by

Last week was our usual thing. We went back to Dickinson so Stella could work some, then went out with the kids to eat at Uncle Chans oriental restaurant. We went by the house and picked up several items there and met with a contractor to get a price on having the remodeling work done on the house. Jeremy has a friend of his that may do the work, but he is meeting with him in a day or so to get his prices for the work. We returned to the park that night and the rest of the week flew by. I spoke with Bill and learned that he was going into the hospital in Beaumont where Ornell works to be treated for pneumonia. I spoke with him throughout the week to check on him. I caught a cold last week and have pretty well gotten over it but still have sniffles and am stuffed up in the morning, but am feeling much better now.

We went out to eat breakfast with Ted and Donna on Sunday at a new restaurant in the Woodlands called Rise and Shine. It was very good, and Ted's pancakes were HUGE! They completely covered his plate and were much more than he could eat. We went to the Wal Mart on 242 and then over to their house after breakfast and had a nice visit. We talked about the plans to meet them and Rick and Brenda this summer in June after we get through at the Heartland rally and then they are at the IRV2 rally. I think we are going to have a great time with them.

Monday morning this week, we went to Coushata to the casino there. The bus ride was okay but I still prefer to drive myself. You can't beat the group rate of $80.00 a couple which includes the bus ride, a hotel room with $46.00 being returned to us to gamble with. We broke even on the trip with Stella's gambling winnings, so the only thing we were out was food costs.

We have the rest of this week and all of next week, which ends with the Mardi Gras weekend here at the park. We will leave here on Monday February 9th for Kerrville. We plan to stay overnight at Stephen F. Austin SP in Sealy to get our Golden Age passports in order and then go on to Kerrville for the Sweetheart rally. This rally is being hosted by some of the old Boomers, Terry Nance and Larry Ulmer and Jim McGee, one of our new friends from the Heartland group. We will also see others from the Heartland group, including Jim Beletti, TxBobcat (Bob Curry) and JD & CJ Wigley.

We are looking forward to going on the road soon.

See you next time,

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