Monday, January 19, 2009

Boomer Gathering, January 16-19th. 2008

This weekend was the next to last official Boomer gathering that I will host. I am having the last gathering at Rayford Crossing on their Mardi Gras celebration week, February 6-8th. Sandy is hosting my retirement rally at Rayford on March 20-22nd, and that will pretty much do it for me as a host for the Texas Boomers. I will attend any rallies or gatherings that I can go to in the future, but it all depends on where we are at the time. Hopefully the house will sell soon and we can hit the road officially.

We have lots of trips planned between now and April, but most of them are in-state. We are going to the Sweetheart Rally in Kerrville on February 10-15th and will leave there to go down to visit Tom Atkinson and his wife Judy at their winter park, Casa Del Sol in Donna. We plan to stay there for about a month, returning through Blessing to see some of the relatives there. We return to Rayford for my retirement "blast" and go to Albuquerque N.M. for the Good Sam rally there. We plan to stay at the High Desert RV park and drive to the rally every day. We've never been to a big rally like this one, so we are looking forward to it. When this rally is over, who knows where we'll go! We have to be in Port Arthur the first part of June to go to the Heartland International rally in Goshen with Bill and Ornell. We will stay at their house, hooked up in the back yard until time to go.

The new trailer is great! We have had zero problems with anything in the trailer and love the new floorplan. I especially like the way I can close the bathroom door into the bedroom so as to not disturb Stella when I shower and clean up in the morning. I am very pleased with it except for a few little things that I found after taking delivery. The trailer was not clean and had some black streaks on the side that should have been cleaned up. The tires that I paid to have changed should have been cleaned up. Joe told one of the service guys to have their detailers do it before we left, but they were busy and didn't get to it. It just looks tacky for a brand new trailer to have dirty wheels and tires. I felt like Camping World should have done a much better job of checking on the clean-up operation before releasing the trailer to me. Also, on Tuesday, I ran out of propane in one tank. Then I discovered the second tank was only about one third full. When the propane tanks are new, they have a lot of air inside them that must be expelled before they will take a full load of propane. Again its a little thing, but it needs to be looked into by CW.

Joe French sent a young salesman named Damon out to the park this weekend with us to show off a Damon motorhome. It was a very nice gesture by Joe and Camping World to support our club. Damon and his family had a good time camping out in a $200,000 motorhome this weekend at a very nice park with good amenities.

So long for now.

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