Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday January 11, 2008

We packed up Friday and went to Camping World in Katy to pick up our new trailer. We had gone in on Monday to pick out the additional items we wanted to have installed. We had decided on a second air conditioner and I wanted a Kwikee sliding cargo tray. Stella suggested that if CW put them in, they would be covered by a warranty, so we decided to have them install these. When we got there, the sliding tray was much more expensive there than I have been able to find on the Internet, so we decided to let it go for now and only do the air conditioner. We told them to go ahead with it, and left.

When we arrived on Friday, about noon for a two o'clock delivery time, they had just begun installing the a/c and then needed a part that they didn't have. They had to send someone out to find the part they needed. I don't understand why they couldn't have done this well before we arrived. It turned out to be only the first of many boo-boos they made during our delivery.

Holly, the "delivery queen", looked at us like a deer caught in the headlights, and said "you're so early". I immediately knew they weren't ready for us. Our friend, Joe French, took us into an empty office where he talked to us for a couple of hours to pass the time. If he had not done this, we would have been furious because we had told them we wanted to start moving our stuff into the new trailer. We had taken a lot out of the old trailer to a storage room that we had taken near Rayford. We spent two days moving stuff into storage. The main things left in the trailer were our hanging clothes and the refrigerated stuff.

To make a long story short, we didn't get through with the paperwork and change-over from one trailer to the other until after four o'clock. The store closes at five, so we knew we didn't have enough time to make our move. While standing inside the new trailer, a friend of ours, Joe Grundmeyer, dropped by to visit. His trailer is in the shop at CW and he found out we were there to pick ours up. We finally got started moving from trailer to trailer about 6:30, but decided to go eat before starting. We finished up and came back and got started about 7:30. We worked and worked until after 11 and stopped for the night. I woke early on Saturday morning and got started again and finished moving about 8 o'clock in the morning. We had to wait for the service guys to come in to move the old trailer so we could pull out. They didn't start arriving for work until 8:30, then they had other units that they had to move first, had a problem with their forklift that is used to move trailers, but finally got our's done and we were able to leave about 11.

Kim called and asked us to come down and pick up the boys because both she and Jeremy had to work, so the boys got to spend the night on our first official night in the new trailer. They loved the blow-up bed, and we all got a good nights sleep.

One funny thing happened this weekend. Dawn, the lady in the financial office at Camping
World used to work for Holiday World where we bought out first travel trailer. She knew several people that worked there that we remembered. Then Bill, the shop foreman, used to own Western RV's on Hwy. 290 where we bought our first trailer, a pop-up. Its a small world.

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