Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday April 7, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Not too much has gone on between my last entry and now. I got up early and went down for coffee and then Stella left for work, pretty routine stuff. I did drive her to work so I could do my little bit of work at the park and so I could go for a drive up to the KOA in Montgomery, where we are planning to go to the Texas Boomer rally to meet Ted and Donna for the potluck dinner. The route between the parks is very easy and we shouldn't have any trouble. I saw a dead deer on the side of the road on one of the back country roads that someone had cut the head off of. I guess the deer had a pretty rack and they didn't want to see it wasted, so at least someone got a nice deer head to mount. I wonder, do you need to tag road kill? Can you be prosecuted for possession of a deer carcass out of season? I never got involved with game laws in my career and just don't want to take the time to research this law. I feel certain that no prosecution would be made for a road-killed deer, but I just don't know. My rant for today is for the stupid drivers that take so many chances with not only their own lives and property, but other people that are on the road too. I try really hard to drive defensively and courteously, but some of these people make that very hard! Today, after dropping Stella off, I had encounters with a couple of those drivers that seem to think that when they want to change lanes, someone better make room because they're coming in. The first one was lucky because I had restrained myself the first time she forced her way into my lane with barely enough room for her Mercedes to squeeze in and didn't blow the air horn at her, but when she did it a second time, I had to let her know that I was upset by her driving. I hit the horn button and nothing happened. I had apparently hit the switch for the air horn and it didn't blow. Of course, I turned the air horn back on, but the moment was past, so I didn't light her up. I should have though, I'd have felt much better. The second driver was one that frightened me when he pulled out of a convenience store. I was traveling on a five lane road in the inside lane when I approached him. He saw a small hole in the traffic going the opposite direction and pulled out, heading right toward me. He crossed the road behind me, but when he pulled out, I really thought he was going to hit me. We passed each other so quickly that I didn't have a chance to blow the horn at him, but he deserved it! I'll get off my soap box now. Our plans are coming together nicely for this year's trip. We will have a busy couple of weeks after we leave here, visiting Ian in Terrell, visiting Janie in Nacogdoches and then going to Tyler for more family visits. It should be a little hectic but fun. I'm starting to get "hitch itch" and am ready to go. So long.

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