Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday thru Monday April 8 thru12, 2011-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Friday was another routine day around here. Stella went to work and I stayed home. The only major event that occurred on Friday was that Roy and I went out to pick up the trash. Along the way, we were asked to escort a couple of motorhomes into their sites, which we did with no problem. Krystal came out from the office and asked us to take her on a site inventory, and just as we started out, a lady came out trying to flag a motorhome down that had one of it's jacks down. She asked us to go stop it, and when we made the turn at the pool, Krystal fell off the golf cart. Neither Roy nor I noticed that she had fallen off, and we kept after the motorhome and got it stopped. We discovered that the jack was merely slow in retracting, so we put the golf cart away and I went into the office and learned that Krystal had come in after falling. She was embarrassed but not hurt, thank goodness, so all was well.

Saturday was a routine workday for Stella and I stayed here in the park and helped pick up trash. The weather is getting hot, so it's good to stay inside most of the day. I still get in my walks but do them in the morning or afternoon. We've been trying to eat at home more because the Heartland rally will be here next week and we will be eating more and eating out much of the weekend.

Sunday we stayed around here and took care of things around here. Stella washed clothes and she cut my hair. We had just gotten started when a cold front blew in and dropped the temperatures a bunch. A pretty unexciting weekend!

Monday we began the day with taking Cassie to the groomer first thing in the morning. We went and had breakfast out before beginning our errands. We went to Sam's club where we bought the paper goods that we will need for the rally, and some new shorts for me. Gotta look good for the Heartland crew! We brought everything home and put it away and then went down to Texas City to watch Cameron play baseball. Tyler had forgotten about a homework assignment and had to take it to the ball field to get it done by school tomorrow. Cam's pulled it out and won their game 5-1. He played an 8PM game, which we don't agree with. It's too late for these kids to be up on a school night. It's too late for PePaw to be up too, especially when you remember we have an hour drive to get home. It was worth it to see the boys, Kim and Jeremy.

We were all set to eat at Uncle Chan's, Tyler's favorite place to eat, but they have closed. Tyler was bummed, but we went to China Star, so he got his oriental buffet after all.

It was a good weekend but our time is getting short here. We will be leaving in a month for our summer trip. Can't wait!

So long

Later in the day, our friends Pat and Lori, from New Mexico, arrived and we began the fun of the Heartland rally. We went out to eat with them tonight

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