Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday December 2, 2013-Inks Lake state park

I was up and about early this morning, going down to the maintenance shop for our last day of preparation for the deer hunt that begins tomorrow. John and I checked most of the blinds, putting out more corn to keep the deer in the area for the hunters. I only have three blinds to bring hunters to and John pointed out some low spots around the blinds and a few other hazards. I am excited and apprehensive about the upcoming hunt, but it should be fun and I expect to meet some new people.

We started putting out signs to guide the hunters to the shop and will go out the first thing in the morning to put out the warning signs. We will shut down all of the hiking trails except for the Devil's Waterhole for safety reasons. Although it has happened before, we don't want a hiker to walk into the hunting areas. 

There is still no firewood in the park except for a few stacks that haven't been sold. I spoke with Craig, the firewood coordinator, over the weekend and he said that wood has been ordered  but it hasn't gotten here yet. Stella will be doing this chore while I am tied up with the deer hunt. Maybe it will come in tomorrow...

So long.

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