Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thursday November 28, 2013-Inks Lake state park

I know that I've again fallen down in my  blog but I've been busy with my work and yesterday Kim and the boys arrived for a Thanksgiving visit. It is tight in the trailer with three extra people- two of them great big boys- but we managed. Cameron slept with me in the king size bed, Kim and Tyler bunked on the queen size hide-a-bed sofa and Stella slept in her chair in the living room. She and Kim stay up until all hours talking, so it really doesn't matter where they slept.

We returned to the Highlander Restaurant in Burnet for their Thanksgiving buffet and like last year, it was very good. We were accompanied by our friends and fellow hosts here at the park, Bill and Karen. We were seated in the old dining room that was being remodeled, and although it was a bit chilly- no heating vents hooked up yet- we had a nice time. 

We returned home and relit the campfire that we had started this morning. It's so nice to have plenty of firewood and having a morning and evening fire. It has been cold every morning and the fire felt good. 

Below are some pictures of the deer in our yard. These three does spend a lot of time in our yard and sleep in the high grass behind us every night.

I think they're saying "we're busy eating grass and a few acorns that are laying around and this guy comes along to take our picture. Can't he find something else to do?"

We're out of here...

So long.

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