Friday, April 28, 2017

Thursday April 27, 2017-Ozark RV Park

I am determined to not get so far behind again, so here's a recap of this week.

Tuesday we were all tired, so we just stayed in most of the day. We spent a lot of time sitting outside but we are down here all by ourselves and Dave and Nancy are "up on the hill", we didn't see them until it was time for supper. Stella talked to Nancy and they decided that we would go to the 
Mi Pueblito restaurant that we had found last year when we visited here. The food was still good and based upon the number of patrons we saw, it is very popular. When we got home, Stella read on the park schedule that we had missed the park potluck dinner tonight. We will make it next week.

Wednesday it rained all day long. And by that I mean it rained all day, never letting up but alternating between raining hard and just raining, but it dropped a lot of water on us. We didn't venture out except to take care of Tramp but he only stayed out long enough to get his business done and run back inside. Our friend Doug came by for a short visit. Doug was a Heartland owner and that is how we met. He moved to Mountain View a few years ago and bought a house and sold his trailer.

Thursday (today) we drove down to the strawberry farm on the very windy Ark. 9 road. This is the same place we went last year to buy produce including strawberries picked fresh this morning. The road hasn't changed, with twisty-turny roads but at times it offers very nice views of the countryside. It's worth the drive but unfortunately today was not  good day for strawberries. They were all water-logged and inedible. The girls bought a few other items and we were on our way back to Mountain View. We did some more shopping at a large hardware store and of course Wal Mart before returning home.

Our friend Doug dropped by and invited us to go to the Arkansas Folk Center State Park, which is just behind this RV park and accessible by entering a gate through the fence separating the two properties. There we watched about 6 performers that were very good. Doug himself will be square dancing tomorrow night and we'll be sure to go over to see his performance.

This place is one of the most quiet parks that we've been in. Of course, during the week there are not that many other guests, but there are no trains nearby, the road out front is a quiet residential street with little traffic and we are enjoying the quiet. I'm sure that there will be some park arrivals soon and next week the other Heartlanders will begin arriving so things will change then.

So long.

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