Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday March 12, 2018-Moving Day-Top o' the Hill RV Park to Whistle Stop RV Park

Wow, it got chilly in Boerne tonight. By the way, if you're not familiar with this town, it's pronounced Burnee. It was named after a German/Jewish author and publicist.
It was about 51 degrees here when I went out to take down the utilities that we used overnight, and I was glad I had blue jeans and a sweatshirt on this morning. The people in this park are very friendly and helpful and one of the men gave me suggestions for negotiating the roads to exit the park, which was appreciated.

We were soon traveling on I-10 and made quick time of the 214 miles that we had to travel today. We only made one pit stop in one of the small towns that we went through. I found a nice parking lot for a closed-down business, so we used it to stop and use the trailer facilities. 

We made it here about 1PM and in short order, I was hooked up and ready to start the party. There were several Heartlanders here when we arrived and a few more arrived after we did. Mike and Peg fixed brats and sausage with potato salad for our evening meal and everyone had a fine time visiting and chatting with old and new friends. We stayed outside until the sun started going down and the temps started dropping.

We're glad that the rally season has started. Let the parties begin!

So long.

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