Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sunday March 18, 2018-Whistle Stop RV Resort

This will be another catch-up post for the remainder of the West Texas Chapter rally in Abilene.

On Friday, we paid a visit to the Dyess Air Force Base today and were disappointed to learn that no photographs are allowed on base. I understand the fact that current, on duty planes should not be photographed, but there is a large collection of retired airplanes on base that are not allowed to be photo'd. There are other air museums with these same planes on display and they can be pictured. I don't get it...

We did get to tour the inside of a C-130 large cargo plane and heard from a female Load Master and another female Pilot of these huge planes. Very interesting. I am impressed that women are allowed these roles. Guess I'm old school.

We also got to witness a B-1 bomber taking off, actually several of them, taking off for training missions. These things are LOUD! and very impressive.

The photo above is the actual museum which is located off base. It is very small but has a nice variety of items on display.

Above and below are a couple of bombs that are on display in the museum. I believe the one above is what is known as a smart bomb that can be guided in to a target. Below is a 750 pound high explosive bomb that would probably do a lot of damage.

On Saturday we visited the Frontier Museum of Abilene. This is a very interesting museum with great audio and video displays. Their IMAX type production is great and very popular.

Stella in front of an old stage coach. And no, she never actually rode on one!

This is the route of the Overland Stagecoach route. It was used to carry both passengers and cargo and mail to points in the east to the west coast of the United States.

A typical cowboy camp, found throughout the west. 

There was a large collection of guns, rifles, shotguns and handguns, on display. I'm not going to say much about the collection, but it is impressive.

Tony and Erika did an outstanding job on this rally. Everyone had a great time and there was plenty to do. This park is brand new but is well set up and easy to navigate. My only complaint is that the gravel is still very loose and hard to walk on, but in time it will be fine. We are looking forward to more rallies in the "West of the Rest" chapter.

So long.

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Cheri (Blackledge) Peine said...

Sounds like a great time Jay. Sorry we missed it. Looking forward to Eufaula and Branson. We are just outside of Fort Worth at a great COE park on Benbrooke Lake. Plan to explore a little of Ft Worth tomorrow, and relax on Friday. Loving this life!!