Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Monday July 2, 2018-Mountain Views at River's Edge Resort

Today our neighbors, Glenn and Lois invited us to ride along with them in their Jeep up the Bachelor's Loop and up the Rat Creek Trail. We have driven up the Bachelor's Loop before but never on the trail. The road is restricted to Jeeps or other off-road type vehicles. 

The road was very bumpy but their Jeep handled it very well. There are so many beautiful views on this drive, but these were taken on the highest point.

Notice the white patch of snow? Look below.

A group on some side-by-sides was also on the top at the time we were there. I've noticed that most of the riders in these type of vehicles wear masks or covers over their faces to avoid the dust. Luckily we didn't have to do that with the Jeep, just roll the windows up.

A side view of the Jeep and view in front of it. I'm not sure of the elevation on the top, but it's waaaay on up there! It is noticeably cooler up here too. If we'd stayed much longer, a jacket would have felt good. 

A closer view of the small snow patch that remains.

Look close and you'll see the moose on the right corner of the picture (brown spot). It was several hundred yards away and this was the best I could do with my little camera. It was awesome to see this magnificent animal. At one point it just stopped moving and blended in so well, if it hadn't been for her wiggling her ear, we would have missed her.

Please stay tuned for more beautiful photos of the Colorado mountains.

So long.

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