Thursday, July 5, 2018

Wednesday July 4, 2018-Mountain Views at River's Edge Resort

Today is the 4th of July-Happy Birthday U.S.A.!-and we knew that there is a big parade in downtown Creede. We left at 9:15 for a 10 o'clock start of the parade and couldn't believe how many people were already there. The downtown area where the parade was to start was already blocked off and packed and parking was already spilling over onto the highway leading into town, so we gave up and went for a ride on our own.

We drove west out of town to the road leading to Middle Creek Rd. and Lime Creek Rd. for today's drive. 

My dirty truck parked beside the road with beautiful mountains in the background.

Those black specks are a cattle herd, grazing in the valley. If those cows only knew how much humans would pay to live in a valley with this view of the mountains!

Further down this creek were some anglers. It just looks so cool to see people fly fishing in the creeks. 

There was a lot of traffic on this road today. I guess others had the same thoughts as we did, getting out and seeing the sights of the area.

It is interesting to note that Lime Creek Rd. goes through a private ranch. We drove about 4-5 miles on it before the road narrows down to one lane and we turned around. 

More travels soon, so please return to check out more photos.

So long.

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