Thursday, July 12, 2018

Wednesday July 11, 2018-Mountain Views at Rivers Edge Resort

Today we made a drive over to Lake City with our neighbors Joe and Jan. It was a beautiful drive, as all drives in this area of Colorado are. The drive over was uneventful but it began to rain shortly before we got to town. We decided to eat at the Packer Saloon and Cannibal Grill in Lake City for lunch. The ran had slacked up and we decided to eat outside. The weather was nice, cool with little wind, but just as we finished our sandwiches it started to rain again.

We walked around the downtown area for awhile after the rains let up some. We stopped in the Russ Brown Gallery. He was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and now does paintings of military aircraft as well as nature, autos and portraits. He is very talented and worth a look the next time you are in town.

We drove back toward Creede but turned off near the top of the Slumgullion Pass (elevation 11,530) where we turned off toward Deer Lake in search of sighting some moose and other wildlife. We drove about 4 miles to the lake but the weather did not cooperate and it continued to rain. When we got to the lake, we walked a short distance to a viewing area where Stella and I have seen moose in the past, but they were apparently laying down someplace warm and dry and we didn't get to see any today. The rain and lightning made us leave after a very short time.

We did see a mule deer doe with her fawn as we drove out, but she didn't stay around long enough for me to get a picture of her. We did notice a solitary small trailer off to the side of the road as we came in. As we left we noticed some animals across a valley that were apparently grazing. There was a large group of them, so I took some photos. I assume that the trailer belongs to the sheep herder but we never saw anyone around the sheep or the trailer.

We couldn't tell what the black animal was, so I took  close-up and found that it was a black sheep. We thought it might have been a large dog, but we learned different.

We are planning more trips out into the mountains and I'll post more photos.

So long.

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