Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another week on patrol

Well, another week on patrol has gone by. Wednesday morning started out with a bang-literally-as a two car minor accident was reported. A car had hit a utility trailer in the dark as the guy pulling the trailer tried to make it across the highway. The accident was not a problem to work, it was the reporting afterwards. I'm not familiar with the new format of the report which is on the computer now and not done by hand like we did it back in the "olden days". I guess the new way has some good points, especially the fact that no one needs to try to decipher my handwriting.

Thursday was non-eventful, but Friday morning started out with another accident to investigate. One of Judge Vasut's court clerks got run into in a service station parking lot by another customer. No biggee, but more paperwork that I hate. Then about noon I got a call to assist a prison van with prisoners aboard that had broken down. The van was in the truck lane at a large service station with a flat tire. When I got there, they began taking the female prisoners out-two at a time-to use the restroom inside the station. Security for these prisoners seemed to be really lax, but everything went well, and after about an hour and a half to get the tire changed out, they were on their way. Then, guess what? Another traffic accident. This one involved a friend of mine who is a retired Investigator from the Brazoria County SO. He was at fault, which made it even worse, but I had my job to do and he understood.

Friday night (Saturday morning) about 3:00AM, I got called out to a suicide that had occurred at a new home in Rodeo Palms. I went to the Memorial Hermann hospital where I found out the victim was DOA. After speaking with a nurse who had cared for her, I was on my way back to Manvel. I went to the scene and met with the officers who had responded. We picked up the evidence and cleared the scene about 5:30. We all went back to the PD where I did my report and went off duty about 7. It rained on my all the way home. It made for good sleeping in my recliner that morning but not too much else got done. Stella went shopping with Kim and the boys for school clothes and supplies. It was the no tax weekend, so they saved a little more and many of the stores lower their prices that weekend too, so it worked out pretty well.

Sunday was yard clean up day. I swear that yard gets bigger and bigger each time I cut it. I think I'm up to about two acres now! It's really not that bad and I got it all done in about two hours of actual work time. We stayed home today because Mark had come to get the boys after they came back from shopping and we later learned that he had taken them to Lumberton to meet their other grandmother-his real father's mother.

Monday work was pretty easy. I got some more information on a large investigation that is being done in the area, and some real interesting information about the suicide victim. I can't go into that here right now, but it's juicy information. Remind me later and I'll tell you more about it.

Diesel prices have certainly come down! Thank goodness, I thought we might have to pick up aluminum cans along the road to be able to buy fuel if they didn't come down. I bought some diesel last week when we went to Camping World and paid $4.23, which is way down from the $4.69 we paid the last time. It is going even lower and I've seen it as low as $4.09 around here. Thats a good sign for us.

My rallies are going well. The Boomer weekend-after-Labor Day rally has filled up at 15 people coming. Thats good for me, because the regular Boomer rally for Labor Day only has 16 coming. The Heartland rally is at 17 now but should explode soon. Joe French from Camping World sent out 183 emails and 164 telephone calls to his customers that bought Heartland products. We'll have to wait and see how that works out.

Time to sign off now, work is calling me.

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Ron Melancon said...

Dear Officer Jay:

I picked up your Blog because every night I search for accidents involving Utilty Trailers. Please go to www.dangeroustrailers.ogr wher you will find that these trailers are unregulated in Texas and cause havoc all accross this country. 5 Police officers have been killed in the line of duty by these trailers that come loose and go accross the highway. Granted I do not know the specifics of your accident but they are painted black.. night is black so they are hard to see because over 80 percent of the time the lights do not work. I got a law passed in Virginia that requires 8.33 feet of DOT type C-2 tape to be applied so you can see them. NO other state has adopted this and I would like the other states to follow.