Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend and back on patrol

Well, as I left off last week, I had put in my first week back on patrol. I still don't like it, but I'm hanging in there, at least for now. I just don't feel comfortable on patrol any more, I guess because I've been out of it for so long.

Stella had her foot operated on to remove the callous or corn inside the sole of her foot on Thursday. She hobbled around on Friday and came home after lunch, big baby.....I would probably have stayed off all together, but I have sick time coming and she doesn't. Please don't tell her I called her a big baby.

The weekend was pretty good. I got up on Saturday morning and cut the grass. It was so hot I had to stop several times to cool off but heck, I'm not getting paid for this so why kill myself doing it? After getting it done we went up to Camping World for two reasons. I wanted to see a couple of new models of Bighorns, the 3385 and the 3580. The 3385 has a living room/kitchen that is exactly like our trailer, with an enclosed bathroom. I didn't like the bathroom because it feels so cramped and the bedroom feels very small too even though they only come with a queen size bed. I want the enclosed bathroom, but a little larger. The 3580 is one that I could live with, with an island kitchen and enclosed bathroom that is accessible from two doors. One door leads around into the bedroom and the other into the bathroom and then another door into the beedroom. I liked this floorplan better but Stella didn't like the fireplace under the TV with no actual desk. There is a small area under the TV to use as a desk, but you'd be sitting right in front of the screen. This trailer weighs as much as the 3670, which is what we really wanted but couldn't pull with this truck. Thats probably be our biggest problem, not enough truck. We really want to stay with this truck because of its great mileage and of course it will be paid for when we retire.

We stayed home on Sunday and just hung out here. We cleaned up a few items and took some things out to the trash but this cleaning out the house is going REAL SLOW!! I think we should just call Goodwill or one of the other services like that and tell them to come pick up stuff until we tell them to quit. At the rate we're going, we won't be out by next year when we retire.

My first two days of patrol this week, by myself, have been very uneventful. I hope I'm not jinxing myself but there hasn't been anything much going on. Of course, my investigation work is not getting done, but the administration understands.

So long for now.

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