Wednesday, August 27, 2008

End of the weekend

On Sunday afternoon, we moved the trailer from space #71 to space #104, where we will leave it for the next two weekends. Guess what happened when we tried to close everything up? Yep, the big slide wouldn't come in. the other two went in fine and then when we tried to open them and close all three, the two small ones extended and then retracted but the big slide wouldn't budge. We just carefully drove it around the corner and into the new space. We got everything set up again, so we're ready for the party. Stella decided to stay at the park, so after Dee fixed us some pork loin on their rotisserie and sweet potatoes in the steamer, we had a delicious supper. I left for home about 6:30.

I was busy at work on Monday, having to follow-up on an auto theft case. I took two statements from the victims and got an arrest warrant for the suspect. He left the house before I could get back with the warrant. I made another arrest for a man wanted by the Webster Police Dept. for an outstanding traffic warrant. The last call for the day was an accident that wasn't hard to work at all. Maybe I'm getting better at this, but I still don't like patrol. My investigation work is piling up, but thats the way they want it I guess.

Stella decided to stay another night at the park, so I went home and fixed my own supper. It was so peaceful with no one there to bother me.....please don't tell Stella

Tuesday was another slow day at work. I got two of the reports done from yesterday and didn't have too much else in the way of calls. I left as soon as my relief showed up and went to get Stella. I visited with Gwen and Melissa and made a couple of changes to some of our reservations for Thanksgiving and New Years Eve. We stopped and picked up hamburgers at Whataburger on the way home. I ate mine and went to bed about 8 o'clock. Sucks being me, having to get up by 4 to get to work. I have never been one to sleep right up until time to go to work. I have to wake up and have coffee before I go.

Today I got finished up with my reports from Monday. I took another big report on a burglary of a motor vehicle. This seems to be the latest thing going around, to steal women's purses out of their cars with everything they carry in those huge purses. At least I got through "hump day" and only have two more days to work this week. It looks like I'll have to work on Labor Day (Monday) but at least it will be overtime.

Tomorrow is exactly one year before retirement! Hope I can last it out.....


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