Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally camping again

We brought the trailer up to Rayford this weekend in what seemed to be a year, although its only been three weeks. It just felt so good to be here again. It just so happens that this was the Gulf Coast RV club's anniversary rally at Rayford. We saw some of our friends that are still a part of their group, Ron and Ellen Norton, Sue Yoder, Barbara Spade, and Marilyn Kubecka.

Friday night we went out to eat pizza at Donnellys buffet with Ricky and Dee. We came back to the park and started out watching the Texans getting beat by the Cowboys and at some point I went to sleep and woke up about 1am and went to bed. This habit of going to bed real early so I can get to work at 6 is hard to break. Saturday morning I met Diane Chambers, the current president of the GCRV club, and she kindly invited us to have breakfast with them. I declined since we are not members any longer, although we are and always will be founding members.

Some of our Heartland friends came by on Saturday. Bob and Grace Stewart came by in the morning from the park in New Caney where they are staying. Grace is here for follow-up checkups with her doctors and they wanted to meet with us while they were here. Bob retired from the California Highway Patrol about five years ago when they went on the road. We stayed at the trailer until about noon when we went to the Casa Imperial for a light lunch. Stella and I went shopping at Wal Mart (where else do we shop?) and bought our stuff for the rest of this weekend and next weekend and by the time we got back to the trailer and got everything put away, Berry and Janet Sanders dropped by to chat. They have a Sundance trailer and have signed up for the October rally and wanted to meet someone thats in the club before the rally. They are a very nice couple, nearing her retirement in a couple of years. We told them about our plans and they are interested, but Janet still has awhile to work before she retires. Berry is already retired and living it.

After they left, we hung out with Ricky and Dee and later fixed hamburgers to eat. It was nice to just sit around and visit. They are meeting tommy and Susan Hathcock and maybe Harry and Judy Hartley at the Priest Gulch RV Park in Dolores Colorado in the middle of September next year and we talked about coming there to meet them. We have already made plans to go to Blue Spruce as our first destination after retirement, but could go over to Dolores; its only about 100 miles.

We came back to the trailer about 9:30 and hadn't been here more than 10 minutes when it started to rain. I don't know how long it rained, because I didn't stay awake long with the pattering of raindrops on the trailer roof.

Ricky took us to a very good breakfast taco store over on FM 2920 Sunday morning. Its hard to beat good fresh breakfast tacos on homemade tortillas in the morning.

We can't wait to retire!

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Rick & Brenda said...

Glad to hear that you are out in the trailer again. Life at home can be sooooooo boring, with grass cutting and all.
See ya'll next month.