Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday December 17, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Another catch-up blog entry. At least I'm only a few days behind this time. I think it's the weather. Yeah, that's it, gonna blame my blog being late on the depressing weather right now. It has been up and down with the temperatures during the last week, from lows in the 30's, then a day or so later, highs in the mid 70's. Crazy Texas weather. At least it hasn't snowed like our friends in the northern states.

Tuesday we took Tommy and Susan out to eat at El Chaparro in Magnolia where we met Ted and Donna. We all had great food and after finishing our meals, went to T & D's house for dessert. She made some great butter cookies and served us flavored coffee and peppermint ice cream. We played a WII bowling game on their new game console. It was fun but Tommy beat me badly. It has been years since I've bowled on the WII and decades since I've gone bowling in a bowling alley. It was fun and we all had a good time.

We missed the baked potato bar at the park Tuesday night. We had planned our night out with the group for awhile and beside that, I don't need all the starch in a baked potato.

Wednesday was another routine day. We went out to eat at the Fish Place for supper and found another good place to eat. Tommy had the ettoufee and the rest of us had fried fish. It was all good but Stella didn't like some of the seasoning that was used on the catfish.

Thursday was a very routine day with nothing out of the ordinary that day. Tommy and I worked with Tramp on some new commands, Come and Sit in the doggie park here at the park. He is coming along really well with his commands but still lacks in his behavior when left alone at home. He began by gnawing and chewing on papers, wires, shoes, belts, just about anything not picked up. If it was within his reach, he chewed it. He ate the end off my connection between my Wilson Trucker antenna and the aircard. It could have been worse, he could have chewed the antenna wire, ruining it, but he only got the connection. One night he found an old box of Kleenex that had come out of the old truck. When we returned after supper, it looked like it had snowed inside the trailer with little tiny pieces of tissue covering the floor. Just last night, he found the Christmas wrapping paper and tore up about half of the package of tissue paper, covering the floor with red and green. I respect Stella for not murdering the little boy.

Friday began normally with coffee with the guys and taking Stella to work. When I returned to the park, I noticed Chuy going around picking up trash. I knew that she has a knee that is bad and she is saving money to have an operation on it. She is a Mexican National with a green card but she doesn't make that much money, so its going to take a long time to save up the $25,000 for the operation. Jim helps her with trash pickup when he can, and I figured that today was my day. It wasn't hard to walk along beside the golf cart and throw plastic bags of trash into the little trailer and I know it was easier on her.

After I picked up Stella from work, we were supposed to meet Tommy and Susan at James Coney Island for a quick supper. We got started to meet them and learned that there was a terrific traffic backup on Rayford. They had only gone a short distance before Tommy called and said that they were held up. We decided to meet them at the Fish Place again and had another nice meal. We came back to the park and three of us went to play bingo in the rally hall. Of course I didn't win again although I came close a couple of times. Too bad we weren't playing horseshoes... Susan split one of the wins with two other people and we all had a good time.

We stopped by Tommy and Susan's motorhome for some pecan pie after bingo. We visited with them for awhile before I got sleepy and went back home. Me and the dogs were soon fast asleep, imagine that...

So long.

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