Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday December 27, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Boy, it was cold this morning. My outside thermometer showed 29 degrees a little before 6 AM and the computer showed the temperature in Spring as 28, so we were close. I had been woke up about 5 when the propane bottle ran out and I had to go out and change bottles. There was plenty of frost and ice around the park and when I got home from coffee, Stella told me that the water line had frozen and she had turned on the water pump for water to flush and shower with. I went outside to check on the lines and didn't see anything out of order, so I came back inside and turned the pump off and the water was running again. I'm glad that nothing drastic happened. I looked around as I walked down to coffee and I know that some of the other guys looked also but we didn't see any water leaks.

I did chores all day, running the vacuum to clean up Mr. Tramp's mess on the living room floor (the inside stuffing of one of the toys) and went outside and insulated the water line. If it freezes up now, it's not my fault!! I'm sure that it will be said that it's my fault anyway, that I left a gap in the insulation or it wasn't heavy to be me, doesn't it?

We went to the Mai Tai Monday at the Rayford room and had a good time visiting with other guests at the park. Reta invited us over to her house for chili tonight and when the Mai Tai party was over, we went by and had a delicious meal with her. Jim is out of state with relatives, so I told Reta to call me if she needed anything. This is just one of the many things I like about Rayford and all the friends that we have made here. Just this afternoon, I learned that Roy and June had broken the screen of their laptop and I was able to steer them to a computer repair shop that is getting their computer back in one day instead of weeks that Best Buy had told them. It is all about being good neighbors...

It is supposed to be cold tonight but not nearly as cold as the last couple of nights, and we shouldn't see any below freezing temperatures for a few days. We brought back our large storage box of winter clothes and coats from storage, so we probably won't have any more cold weather.

I know that you have been waiting patiently for my fuel usage reports. I have saved them up and will give you the results now. You have waited long enough...

On December 11 I took 28 gallons to go 417 miles for a 14.89 MPG average.

On December 17 I took 33 gallons to go 285.4 miles for a 14.7 MPG average.

On December 22 I took 25 gallons to go 437.6 miles for a 17.5 MPG average.

On December 28 I took 25.7 gallons to go 446.6 miles for a 17.3 MPG average.

There were a couple more fuel tickets but sadly I didn't put them away well and my little buddy Tramp ate them. We had a little chat over this and I think he understands the importance of leaving my papers alone and to eat his own food that I bought especially for him. We'll see how long this lesson lasts.

So long.

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Barbara said...

Ah....the joys of a new puppy.
I will really miss celebrating New Year's Eve at Rayford - this will be the first one I have missed in 6years.
Hope ya'll have a great New Year and happy early birthday to you, Jay!