Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday December 13, 2010-Rayford Crossing RV Resort

Well, like many other bloggers I have gotten pretty far behind. I am going to try to keep this thing caught up better, but with the holidays and all, it may be tough. There really hasn't been all that much to talk about here.

During the past couple of weeks, we been out to eat several times with friends. We found a new Mexican restaurant, El Chaparo in Magnolia. They have very good food with entertainment on Friday nights. We went on a Saturday night and the guy either didn't show up on time or he was only there on Fridays, we don't know which. Bob and Christina left last Thursday but Tommy and Susan came in on Friday so we still have friends here in the park to go out with. We took them out to the restaurant last Friday and they liked it too.

Saturday night was the annual Winter Texan potluck dinner and white elephant gift exchange. As always, the food was great but the fellowship and fun was even better. Although we have had some bad experiences with the length of time taken to finish the white elephant exchange, this one wasn't bad at all. Most of the gifts were nice enough that many didn't want to give up what they had and we all had a lot of fun stealing a few of the items, all liquor...

Sunday we went down to Texas City to take Cam out for his birthday dinner. We all knew where he would want to go, Gringos restaurant. We all had good food and it was good to be with the boys again. Tyler is growing like a weed and is taller than Kim and almost as tall as I am...

I played a joke with Melissa about her birthday. A few years ago, I made a mistake and said that her birthday was the 12th of December when it is really on the 14th. I called her yesterday and today as if I didn't remember again and we both got a good laugh about it. Now to remember to call her tomorrow when it really is her birthday.

There have been a couple of the guys here at the park that have had hernia operations recently. Jim had his done last week and is recovering nicely and Roy had his operated on today. I have had one for several years now and it hasn't given me a problem so I hope its not contagious. I guess I'll just have to deal with it if I begin to have problems.

I intend to do better with my blog so hopefully I won't get so far behind again.

So long.


Mike and Sandy said...

Not to worry, Jay. I struggled with the question of how often to post, knowing maximum readership would be obtained by daily posting, but I slowly came to realize that I really only enjoy writing when I have something to say or a travel experience I want to memorialize. Those who enjoy your work will wait for your posts to show up; the others really don't matter.

Barbara said...

IMHO waiting for a post telling us some news is better than one that says "nothing happened" every day. I only post on mine when I have been to a rally. Other than that, my life is boring. At least you are always doing something fun like going out to eat with friends or doing something at Rayford.